Vermont Moose and Deer Sheds

The Elmer Moose Sheds from Ryan's Meadow, Lunenburg, Vermont

A beautiful rack of sheds by anyone's standards falls just shy of winning.

Mar-e and I own property in Lunenburg, Vermont near the New Hampshire border. The property is on Tug Mountain and the valley is loaded with moose from time to time. We managed to find one of the biggest sets of sheds right outside the front door of our place. Shed hunting is big business up in the North East Kingdom, as it is all across the northern tier. Good antlers can fetch a fair price amongst collectors and craftsmen alike. We see many carved antlers fetching $100.00s to near a thousand dollars for a trophy set. They are carved, painted, and etched into any number of designs from the Old Man in the Mountain to Bald Eagles and fish. This pair is already been claimed as an heirloom by one of my sons.

We brought the antlers to a shed measuring "contest" sponsored by

 Vermont Fish and Wildlife Conservation Group and The Vermont Big Game Trophy Club.

We met Curtis Smiley and he fit his name well!

The amount of sheds seen here boggled the mind, but the beauty and variations of the antlers themselves, made the day.


The place was out in the boondocks by Massachusetts standards, but just up the road apiece for the locals. Here the "boys" are measuring the antlers.


                                     The one on the left scored 70+ points while Elmer's scored just over 65 points.

Points are scored for antler length, width, circumference of the stem and number of points. This is the part that sunk my antlers. Points must be longer than they are wide at one inch down. This eliminated 5 points from the antler and left us down the list. Both still qualified for the trophy shed listing, to which we gladly donated $20.00 to have them listed in the shed record book. 


                   There were many beautiful deer heads and moose racks. These are the best of each category.


All the folks were friendly and willing to swap stories of moose hunts and shed hunts. Up here it's all good family fun.


                                Proud of my deer!                                                                Another fine Vermont buck!


Many variations within the moose and deer antlers makes it easy to come to these events again and again.


Also for those not in the know, moose and deer shed or drop their antlers during the winter months. When May comes around they start growing a brand new set to face the autumn breeding season. Moose antlers are believed to be the fastest growing animal tissue. From nubs to massive antlers in 3 months give or take. That is incredible considering the size of some of the antlers.


Plenty of deer sheds too. We have many ourselves on display at home. Makes for some great hiking adventures.


The extremes and the sharing of tales!


Part of the crowd and one more variation.


The focus was on moose sheds and they are as varied as snow flakes. The Bite Me Bait Co. thanks the State of Vermont and the Big Game Club for the opportunity to show off the big sheds we found and for the new friends we made. Mar-e and I hope to make it an annual event.

Elmer & Mar-e