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Winter in New England means Ice Fishing


Rock Bottom declares June 13th as the date for the Spring Classic

High tide around 930 PM Afternoon cook out planned! Make your plan to attend!

Mudguaard to Defend!

Come and take the "Major Award" away!


 March 24, 2015

Wev looked to the west to increase our catch! West Monponsett that is. On a bright and sunny day Rock Bottom hogs all the glory!

A couple of nice Billys for the Grand Poobah!

"Every once in a while I come out on top!" laughed Rock Bottom.

Shinumpph whaff shinumpph!

Meanwhile, on the east side, many hundreds of Canada Geese stopped by on their way north to take advantage of the open water!



March 21, 2015

Spring it may, be but it's still winter for us!

Todays sojourn took us to Long Pond in Plymouth, Massachusetts to take a shot at some big trout and salmon. Normally we would be fishing open water here by now but 14 inches of ice still remain. The weather was snow with a chill breeze, but we set the grill up and a second and even finer breakfast was served! Traps were set in 3-60 feet  of water and the only trout we got was caught in 10 feet of water.

Nice one Greg! When Jimdogg and Elmer left,  the rest of the gang headed to the secret  smallie pond. "You have to qualify to make it to this pond Elmer!" yelled Greg.

Yesterday Rock Bottom and Elmer hit the crappie pond and did crappy. But they both had a couple of quick pics.

Max kept an eye out for flags and let's us know when they go off!


March 15, 2015

Elmer had today's big fish a 4 pound 2 ounce lunker!

Sunday was as slow as Friday was hot!  Just one good fish early and few flags any good.

Dan Who has the big pickerel charm. This one grabbed two traps at once and was hooked on both lines!


March 13, 2015

 Friday the 13th struck hard handing us 40 or more small perch that  tore a new one for our bait buckets. Poor Rock Bottom couldn't get one trap set before it went off. A couple of big bass broke off on Dan Who but he did manage a 4 pound pickerel that grabbed two traps and got hooked up on both.

The Shappell saved the day in the brisk wind! Sunday we have a crowd going down to fish so we will have this weekend synopsis soon. In the meantime Greg and crew went up north and did alright!

"We have been getting some nice trout and smallies!" said Greg.

"Can't tell you the secret spot." said Greg. "It's a family secret!"



 March 11, 2015

Riding 18 inches of ice for all it's worth in SE Massachusetts!

Get the hole story here!

60 degree temperature bring on the ice reducing fog. The rains of last night wiped out the top layer of snow, making it slippery for guys that didn't bring the ice cleats. However the ice did get soft and slipping was not an issue. Catching our quarry was a different story.

Dan Who makes a reappearence and grabs best fish!

"It doesn't count as a big comeback Elmer! I have been there every week!" shouted Ken!

Rock Bottom shows the secrets!

Rock Bottom demonstrates the Grind O Matic 2000!

Dead bait need not be wasted!



 March 10, 2015

Ken cleans up in dawns early light!

"Have to get my fishing in now, because we head south for two weeks diving the Carribean. " said Ken. "Again it was at first light. Get the bite hard then quiet. Got some big pickerel too. Hey Elmer, get Rock Bottom and a few of the boys and we can hit it tomorrow. There are fronts and rain coming through over night we should be golden in the morning."

March 8, 2015

Oldham Party was early! Dawn blitz made the day. Crappie, bass, yellow perch and pickerel made it a day in a hurry.

"I was on the way to set up hole #2 when I caught this nice slab. Wasn't in the water 2 minutes." said Elmer.

"Yeah I got these two the same way. Bing Bang" said Cindy smiling!

"We weren't left out either!" Rock Bottom  crowed. "Yeah it was dawn's early bite!" added Ken. Everyone was using med-large shiners and there were plenty of pickerel snapping leaders today too.

Ice is 18 inches thick!

Elmer's turkey soup was so good everyone went home healthy!



March 6, 2015

Cold air rules today but Sunday March 8, 2015 is going to be in the 40's and sunny! The Ice Team will be setting up the grills on Oldham Pond for fishing and food. All in the neighborhood of fishermen and friends invited for a good day.

"Come on down!" says Rock Bottom. "We can have a best hat contest! I caught this beauty right near where we are going!"

"Yeah Elmer this one came from there too!" called out Ken. "And don't forget the sunblock!



March 1, 2015

Finally a chance to fish instead of shovel snow!

Jimdogg holds up one of two 4 pound pickerel he caught on a double flag!

"I checked the thermometer when I woke up, and it was -1." said Elmer, "a perfect start!" Breakfast with Dave at Anita Marie's was excellent as the "Angel" sent us off well fed! "What are you guys doing?" asked Dave. "Eating in shifts? Elmer just left." The parking lot was plowed at our pond and it was only a 2 foot mound at the ramp. So it was up and over and the trek was on. A half mile walk across snow with the consistancey of sand at the beach, was quite a march, but we made it. We all sent selfies to our cardiologists, so we are good to go for another week. Big pickerel were the order of the day as all of us had good sized fish. Jimdogg landed a nice set twins. Both fish were just over 4 pounds. Large shiners did the trick!

Elmer broke the bass drought with a nice 4.5 pound bucket mouth, while Rock Bottom got on the board with a good white bass. Elmer had a big crappie on the ice but a well timed flip and flop helped it make it's escape.

"Another 4-8 inches of snow expected tonight Elmer, we should be fishing well into April!" laughed Rock Bottom. Rock Bottom had the auger going well and 8 inch holes were 18 inches deep to the bottom of the ice. Hole maintainence is always crucial.


February 7, 2015

Fishing Team heads to Lakeville Eagles Sat. Feb. 7, 2015 for ice fishing tournament. Registration 0600-Start 0700 end 1400 cash prizes raffles ect!

Details on who won, tournament sponsors, ect to come!


February 1, 2015

Annual Superbowl fishing trip has mixed results.

FLAG! Rock Bottom!

Three feet of snow didn't stop us from our annual trek out on the ice. Neither did the cold. As usual Ken of the DUO had all the crappie caught this day and once again no bass showed up on anyones trap. The crappie were 1 pound 14 oz and 1 pound 12 oz. The lack of largemouth bass has us somewhat concerned. Very unusual as we had 30 traps or more set. Yellow perch were consistantly hitting, as well as some big pickerel, and a white bass.

Frankie is the fish dog on the ice. She loves to pick up the perch and run. Pickerel make her stop and think things out but she manages to get in a few licks.

Even Billy Bob made the journey across the pond to join the party!

Another 15 inches of snow has made the fishing iffy for a few days and more is coming!


 January 30, 2015

No bass hitting on our favorite ponds.

Plenty of pickerel though!

And of course yellow perch!


January 20, 2015

Elmer made his return to the ice team this weekend with a trial run on Sunday and a few hours today. Today panned out better in the big fish catagory but no volume.

Elmer get back in the groove!

Today brought together one of the all time talked about teams. Elmer Mudguaard and Permit Smith. They have some stories you just won't believe. Permit's gone green with his propane auger, and Elmer is just glad he's still going. The gang has been busy and doing well so far. A bunch of crappie Sunday some near 2 pounds.

How much?    1 pound 15 ounces! The DUO check out the weighin along with Tim, to make sure Who gets it right.

Rock Bottom plays chef with tuna, venison, brats, and assorted sides. Thank the Lord the gallbladder is gone.

Thank You to Rock and the DUO!

That's the hole story for now!


What better way to spend a winters day waiting for the Patriots to come on.

Rock Bottom shows a nice sized pickerel, but it's bass we are seeking today. And a nice day it was too. We always hit the ice before the sun comes up so we can claim what ever spot we want.  Types of gear vary among the group, the  DUO and Poobah stick to the old standard, but Elmer and Dan Who fish the whole covers. Shiners, medium and large are the bait we use at this pond as there are a fair amount of good sized crappie in here.

Ken of the DUO shows an example of a crappie typical of the pond.

Dan Who picked the hot spot on the pond today but it wasn't too long before the hole Ho's showed up. "No shame with the Bite Me Bait Co." said Rock Bottom. "Just going with our mantra, Keep an eye on the other guy! And as fortune would have it, I managed to take the top fish today."

"I was putting this beauty back when I heard a voice behind me say, Mr Poobah let's have a fish off with the next traps that go off." said Rock. "I turned and it was the voice of Noah of the Jordan. Your on kid, let me show how it's done." "Thank you Mr. Poobah." said Noah politely.


 Rock Bottom goes first!        Noah has the second chance.

 "Thanks for the lesson Mr Poobah." said Noah. "He he he"


We release most of our fish but take a few home too. Nothing like a couple of bass fillets at dinner.

"And of course we always bring the girls with us." said Cindy, the best half of the DUO.

So don't hate the cold just use it to enjoy the winter in New England! Get yourself some traps and a hand auger, you will be experts like us in no time.

"Beats a sharp stick to the eye!" laughed Dan Who.


 Fisherman of the Year Dan Who Kicks off 2015

The ice was 4-5 inches thick as we started our way across the pond to one of our top spots. Clear black ice with no air bubbles in it made the trip a breeze as the sleds slid along without much effort. Soon the gear was set out and we awaited the first flag. After an hour things started to heat up. Dan Who got lucky as a trap near him went off and exclaimed "closest to" and hauled in the fish of the day.

"Nice to start my Fisherman of the Year defence with a good fish." said Who. Then the snow and wind picked up and Ken had a flurry himself.

"Great start huh, Elmer? I got a little one then these two nice fish. How did you do?" laughed Ken. "^$#@ %$#$^" said Elmer.

The new and improved Billy Bob ice integrety meter!

The snow and wind were soon producing snow devils 30 feet high so we called off our practice run for 2015 and made for the barn.

The down side to flat traps is they can disappear.


Happy 2015 to All!

Dan Who crowned Fisherman of the Year for 2014! Joins Elmer and Mare, (mom and dad) as winners of the award. "If it wasn't for Mare I wouldn't know anything about fishing!" said Who. "She let Elmer take me!"

Rock Bottom officiates the transition from Wes E Gussett to Dan Who! "I wondered if this would go smoothly." commented Rock Bottom. When asked what Wes said to him as the trophy changed hands, Dan Who laughed and said, "Wes wasn't unhappy, he said "Them old guys are never getting this trophy back"

The anual meeting went smoothly with the weather fine. The wind was chilly but the walkers made it to the top of the world and enjoyed the view of Plymouth Harbor. There was only one incident as a protest went mostly unnoticed.

There were two snowy owls to be viewed on the way in and out today but too far away for the cameras we had.

Dan awaits the arrival of the Fisherman of the Year trophy. " I am glad I won!" said Dan Who. "But I voted for Applicant Crovo! I thought he deserved it too."

Everyone had that warm and fuzzy feeling! Happy New Year!


Merry Christmas to all Bite Me Bait Co

December 19, 2014

Ken of the DUO hooked up with Captain Rich Antonino of the Black Rose and headed out to the pollack grounds and filled the boat with 10-15 pound fish! "What great day today was and we are headed out again soon!" crowed Ken. "Fresh fillets all around Rock Bottom. Merry Christmas!"

Black Rose Fishing

"But the clams stay with me! And I have them guarded too!" laughed Ken.


Who was elected Bite Me Bait Co Fisherman of the Year 2014!

Dan Who that's who!

A better than average ice season and some nice striped bass pushed Who over the top. Applicant Crovo came in second, just two votes short.

Once again there were some irregularities in the voting process but when questioned, those involved never saw what happened.

Photo bombing was big with the winner!

Long time mate and fisherman "Paul "Twig" Cronin currently with Captain Dave Patry of the "Cathy Ann" and Elmer Mudguaard discuss the new changes in the cod and striped bass regulations for the up coming 2015 seasons with Rush Lowe owner and editor of Rockland News

Jill was named Queen of the Ball and Dan Who was the lucky escort!

Everyone dug deep and the Grand Poobah was thankful.

Rumors that Billy Bob was in attendence were confirmed!


December 8, 2014

Tuna fishing goes on, as season flips from summer to Fall!

Reports out of Green Harbor say those who are getting out are bringing home fish.




Tuna bite in Full Swing!

Captain Rich Antonino says, "Don't wait too long! Come on down to the Black Rose in Green Harbor.

Bendo Did!"

Black Rose Fishing

"I will be going as long as the fish hold up!"  Ken of the DUO fame took all the pictures.


Nov. 9, 2014

DUO returns home from Texas with fish stories.

 Family visit always comes with a bonus. "I hauled in thirty myself!" crowed Ken. "What a good time, it was non  stop action!"


October 14, 2014

New Captain Greg expands FOTY Wes E Gussett range.

It was schoolies and bluefish along Duxbury and Plymouth.

Yellow Bandit joins the Irish Ayes and the Henry E for a good day!


Hey Elmer another Mola Mola!

Schoolies, some bluefish, plenty of birds, lots of fun! Perfect day!

Rumors of a G-No sighting weren't officially verified!



October 12, 2014

DUO reports lots of schoolie stripers off Duxbury Beach. Giant Tuna bite is on! Some 55 inch fish have been caught too. Bluefish still in the area as New Captain Greg and Wes bring one home.

The historians found this picture of Hank Cahill receiving the Governor's Pin for his American Shad caught in the Indian Head River! 1975

We all miss Hank!


One last turn around the Gurnet as the "Cathy Ann" heads to dry dock.

"It was a decent year but the tuna bite came too late, and the winds came too early. But all in all an enjoyable season." said the Captain.

Grandson Matt, watching the operation with Grand dad thinking..."someday this will all be mine!"

Can't wait till spring!


September 29, 2014

No boat for Bite Me Bait Co

Next Year it belongs to Us!

                                                See Mola Mola Video                                              Canal squid need to have the tide in your favor !                                      

Meanwhile Mola Mola are raising havoc with South Shore Harbormasters. People see a big fin sticking out of the water and the first thing they think of is shark. Don't really blame them with all the great white sightings. The Mola Mola can have a big fins also and this is what gets them mistaken for their bigger cousins. We see them all the time out in the ocean north and east of P-Town. This year the Ocean Sunfish, as they are also known, have been seen in numbers in Plymouth Harbor and close to shore from the Cape to Boston and parts north. When you first spot the dorsal fin slicing through the water it gives you a thrill. They can be boat friendly so take care not to injure them. They just love spray down hose showers.


September 21, 2014

AC scores striper in Fall Classic Venue!

Mackerel chunk takes 32 inch 11 pound beauty in full day light, this AM! "Only had to use one piece of bait and the fish hit hard. I knew I had my first striper of the fall run!"


The 10 Year Anniversity of the Bite Me Bait Co Striped Bass Classic

 to Honor the first receipient of the Major Award

George the Jumper!

George's health doesn't allow him to attend any more. We miss you George! Tribute to take place right after high tide. That's when George would deploy his gear!


New Friends from the UK

Carp Couture Baits

Elmer and Mar-e's Carp Page


September 20, 2014

Rock Bottom and the "Henry E" bring the bluefish aboard. The "Cathy Ann" was following us from the start trying to cash in on our location. We saw the birds working just north of the Red Nun as we traveled straight (hint, hint)out of Green Harbor. Elmer hooked up with a nice fish that got off half way in. Oh well, good start! The birds were working ahead of us toward the Gurnet and we headed in that direction. Suddenly right behind us was Captain Dave and the "Cathy Ann". He never saw us, as he hit into the fish and it was all hands on deck.

Elmer holds one of the 4 big bluefish he caught with the Sebile swimmer On The Water Magazine gave him. "It works well trolling about 150 feet or so behind the boat. It is barely under water and the fish explode on it. One big blue, thought it was a tarpon, and did some acrobatic jumps and tail walking before coming to the net!" explained Elmer. "Makes the catch that much more exciting!"

The fish can be caught along the coast from Cohasett to Plymouth. Rumors of striped bass invading Boston Harbor will be checked out by the Grand Poobah himself! Geneho will serve as advance scout and the "Irish Ayes" as the hospitality boat.

Jimdogg keeps an eye on the sky for birds diving for the baitfish the bluefish were chasing. "Great day Elmer, we got some nice ones!" said Jimdogg. "It was choppy but the Henry E was up for the challenge!" said Rock Bottom.

Rock Bottom discusses options with the fleet in front of him.

I have the "Cathy Ann" in sight, I don't think he can pick us out.

Any talk about catching fish anywhere near here is prohibited!

We won't tell you what the "Cathy Ann" did next!

The Striped Bass are playing hide and seek and they are winning! After catching many bluefish both the "Henry E and the "Cathy Ann" went looking for some line siders. "We checked all the favorite spots but the bluefish win out this week." the Captains echoed.


September, 19, 2014

Magin Landscaping cleans up the Bluefish!

It was all play and no work this day. "No work!" Renato and Anderson exclaimed together. "This much harder but much more fun!"

"We found the fish off "Fab 4 Rock" and they were hungry!" said Captain Ken. "My guys were as happy as can be and they couldn't wait to bring the fish home and show their friends. It was Anderson's first bluefish and it's fight was a surprise for him. Renato told me it was fish and coronas and Chaka Chaka!"

Plenty of sun, fun, and fish!

Friends with fish, are on top of the list! "Thanks Ken we will see you in the morning sometime! lol" laughed Renato.


Trout King AC hits another fine Kayak Rainbow

The wind was blowing but it doesn't matter for some guys.

A nice two pound rainbow fell to yellow power bait.


September 17, 2014

Thanks to the State stocking program,Rainbow Trout is on the menu.

AC and Elmer take to the kayaks to chase some nice rainbows at one of the South Shore's best trout ponds. Water temps are starting to fall, but you must still find the thermalcline in order to get your fish. Today's depth was around 35 feet and the fish were there.

We got to the ramp early but didn't beat another Rocklandite Dick Doherty. He was on the water in the dark!

Smokes and vapers speak of night temps getting lower than the water temps. Autumn is upon us!

Once again it was "Keep an Eye on the other Guy." We tried to sneak up on Dick as we trolled south. As soon as we got near, off he went but we followed and joined in the trout blitz!

Many trout came to the net today! Dick lands a nice one as Tommy Gammons watches. AC sneaks his first one on board. Today's bait choice was night crawlers and yellow power bait. Both did well!

Get the grill going Mar-e and invite Dorothy and Toto!


 September 15, 2014

Captain Rich Antonino and the Black Rose, Score Large Thresher Shark.

560 pounds of fury and fun!

Black Rose Fishing

"Every time we hook up to a big fish, it's exciting." explained Captain Richie. "We are very successful at what we do, but each and every time you hook up, it's a new adventure. You never know what will happen when a fish that big gets close to the boat. This one took a nice leap out of the water, spectacular to see! But it's smiles by the mile once that tail rope is applied!" The Black Rose can be found in Green Harbor, Marshfield, Massachusetts. "Plenty of fishing still to come! And the Okuma gear to get the job done!"

"Yes and it was smiles for me when Richie dropped us off a nice chunk." laughed Ken of the DUO. "It's nice to know the right people! I'll save you a couple of steaks Elmer."


Bite Me Bait Co Fall Striped Bass Classic

The Spring and Fall Classics are known for the stories the come out of the event. George the Jumper's leap, Rock Bottom's dive in his waders, Eb Tide backing up out of sight over the dunes to haul his winner with a broken reel. The rocket incident. Elmer, who was the last winner,even pulled his striper in by hand as Parcel Post and Wes E Gussett worked to untangle the gear.

As you can see we don't get keepers every year, but we have the last three Fall Classics. This year may be the one to set the standard to go by. Rumor has it Billy Bob may even make an appearence from his hideout in Chicago.


September 10, 2014

Bite Me Bait Co

Save September 27th for On the Water Day!

And this year's winner is.......................?


September 9, 2014

Bluefish invade Plymouth Harbor!

We launched this morning in Plymouth. We headed out checking the area in and around the moorings. Not much going on for surface activity, so out to Bug Light it was. We had no sooner turned the corner at the back side of Long Beach, when we saw the birds working ahead of us. As we approached, we hustled to the most active spot and Permit had his first bluefish since the "return." "I forgot just how hard these fish fight! The one I caught just behind the head took extra effort to boat." said Captain Smith. Elmer got his fish soon afterwards before the birds disappeared. "The fish were feeding in a broad area between Bug Light and the flats leading to the Jones River. Elmer was using the Sebile swimmer On the Water Magazine gives you when you sign up for the Striper Cup. "Very sharp hooks made sure the fish was coming home with me!" said Elmer. The wind which had eased off briefly, returned as "The Damned East Wind" so we called the day a success and headed to the barn.

Tonight's dinner on the barbie!

17 ft. Mako with a 30 HP Mercury handled well in the waves and current. Did I mention we fished all day for $6.00 worth of gas.

"The fish spit out plenty of "Peanut Bunker" and the spread out school erupted in multiple places at once, keeping the birds flying from here to there. We just trolled through the area and managed to hook up right away. The fish all weighed 9-11 pounds. Not long fish but heavy fish.

Meanwhile back at the Smithington wildlife management area. Thanksgiving dinner fattens up!



September 2, 2014

Set the date October 4, 2014

Bite Me Bait Co Fall Classic

Elmer to Defend!

Where are the football tuna? Not off P-town. Airplane pilots report they are 90 miles off shore. "I don't hold out much hope that the fish will come in  time to make it a season." said Charter boat Captain Dave Patry of the "Cathy Ann" out of Green Harbor Marina. "Thankfully we got bass and blues in the numbers we needed."


The "Cathy Ann"

Summer is on the wane. But there is still some good fishing to be had. The DUO launch, captained by Ken, wins ground fishing bragging rights. The regular crew of Ken, Cindy and the Deer Hunter caught many nice cod, haddock, pollock and whiting.  However Grand Poohbah, Rock Bottom, has some questions for the captain. "Rumor has it Big Brother has been assisting you. Know wonder you have the best spots!" cried the Poobah. "We all should have "Big Brother" working for us. But in this country you know that ain't happening!"  "No, No, you got me all wrong!" laughed Ken.

"How are these babies Elmer? Probably my last trip out deep this year. Striped bass will becoming back soon and the DUO will be ready!" shouted Ken, with a fist full of fish.

"I'll be getting the arrows sharpened and the tree stand ready." sighed the Deer Hunter. "I hate to see fishing end but the deer are nice and fat and the season is changing."

The fish were coming in buckets including this nice whiting by Big Brother. "Hey I'm just along for the ride. I can't help it if we just happened to catch some fish."

Secret Spot 92 just at the other end of the wake.

"Oh that Big Brother!" whispered Rock Bottom.


August 23, 2014

Jimdogg scores a nice Bluefish as the schools move into local waters.

"Thanks Ken!" said Jimdogg. "Great time, great day!"

From the North River to the Canal the time in now!


Meanwhile Elmer leads a hand picked clam team to muddy rewards!

No one came clean with the quahog story. Everyone had their own mud to sling.

Zack took a moment to get used to the mud, but finally figured it out! Trish had no trouble learning the business.

Max was unhappy no clams broke!


 August 22, 2014

Bite Me Bait Co Kayak Adventure coming up Sept.13th!

Around Saquish Head.   Fishing if you want to.

Fall Classic Coming up Time and Date to be announced.

Current Major Award Holder



August 17, 2014

P-Town waters have the Summer time Blues.

Elmer shows a nice P-Town Chopper!

Bluefish have invaded the waters in and around Provincetown. The bite can be spotty but trolling umbrella rigs brought us multiple hook ups though our success rate wasn't the best. Once they decided to go airborn our heavy rigs worked against us. Some whales came by to make Dan Whos day, a couple even tried to violate our personal space, much to Dan's approval. "It's my first time seeing them in the wild. They are even more impressive than I imagined. Throw in a seal sighting, a couple of loons, gannetts, shearwaters, and you have a great day without catching a fish."

Move that buggy Ken! I'm coming through! Elmer thought most of the whales were finbacks.

Bait filled the water column from top to bottom. We saw plenty of sand eels near the top and so did the terns.

The blues could be found along the edge at the Race and as you turn the first corner headed down the back side. Wind was no concern and The DUOs boat expertly handled the trip back to Green Harbor in 40 min. Great day and time was had by all.

Summer is fading fast! Hang on tight and ride it till the end!




August 15, 2014

No keeper anything for Elmer and Permit on his new boat. It's a 17 ft center console Mako with a 40 HP Evenrude. Rides well and we got around quickly and only used a couple of gallons of gas to boot.

We saw a couple of small bass caught next to the lighthouse with live bait. Highlight of the trip was the spotting of a Mola Mola 1/2 mile off Long Beach in Plymouth.


August 13, 2014

"Hey Elmer! Isn't anyone fishing besides us?" questioned Ken. The DUO and the Deer Hunter are out bringing quality ground fish to the surface . Cod, haddock and now pollack help fill the box to the top. "The weather, the whales and of course the fish has made for some great trips." chipped in Cindy. "We have hit the best spots at the right times and it's paid off bigtime." Deer Hunter said "Elmer Who?" Ken said "No it's Dan Who." Hunter just shook his head..

"I believe I am this years cod king!"

"Don't get carried away there mister!"

"Remember you are only as good as the captain is....."



August 7, 2014

DUO and Deer Hunter raking in Cod and Haddock, while Government says Cod stocks decline!

Still some good fishing to be had for those who are in the know.

Deer Hunter shows a nice sized fish for this day and age.

Enjoy the ground fishing this year because next year there maybe no season for charter boats and recreational fishermen. Draggers will still be able to rape the bank but the average fishermen will be out.

Ken of the DUO holds up a nice haddock!

Find the Fogbow and catch the school of fog cod.

Keep an eye on the Cod fishing news and be ready to protect the rights of all us recreatioal fishermen!


July 26, 2014

Rock Bottom and Flann use the Bite Me Bait Co Mantra!

"Keep an Eye on the Other Guy!"  works to perfection once again.

"Rock Bottom and I were chasing bait." said Flann. "When we saw a party boat pulling up about 2 miles from where we were. Hmmmmm." It wasnt long before Rock Bottom started the engine and they were on the way.

Nice Fish Flann! The payoff for being observant.

They wind picked up so they headed to the Gurnet to do some live lining with the mackerel they had. "Glad we made the choice to come in close and fish." Rock bantered. "Another secret spot produces."

Still some nice striped bass around and the mackerel too. Keep an eye on the party boats if you want to find cod close to shore.


The Henry E Officially Commissioned!

The "Henry E." with Captain Rock Bottom at the helm. "My Dad loved the sea and now we will fish together again!" said Rock.


 The Hunter and the DUO fire back!

"We got plenty of cod to go with our haddock!" crowed Ken of the DUO. "It was a great day and we filled the fish box!"

DearHunter shows off a nice double! "Two with one shot! And I will do it again!"

Nice double will turn into the home run!

Ken displays one tastey haddock!

Quality catch for the mid summer!


Meanwhile Wes E. Gussett had a crew out fishing flounder in Boston Harbor. "We each had a keeper flounder at 12+ inches. No biggies but we caught fish all day."

Dan Who displays a nice male sea bass. More and more are being caught in Boston,Harbor and surrounding waters.

"As soon as he hooked it, Elmer said it's a lobster and it was!" exclaimed Greg. "How do you do that?" "Can't tell you Greg or I have to terminate you." laughed Elmer. "Some times you just get lucky. Over the side you go..."


Captain Billy does it again!

You want cod and haddock? Of course you do.

A nice 12 pound cod starts off a good day.

Dawn was starting and the seas were calm as we set out at 0430. The ride was long to the fishing grounds, but eventually we got there. Elmer hooked a big cusk within minutes, and the day began. Haddock were plentiful but most were under the 22 inch limit the Captain set. "Anything smaller doesn't have enough fillet to take home, so we make the rules for 22 inches, and we stick to it." said Captain Billy. First mate, Tangles caught the biggest cod and haddock this day as well as many others. "The winds picked up and the waves got bigger but we stuck it out. Pumpkin got the most fish." said Tangles. " The captain made me put yellow line on my reel to warn the others to use caution when fishing next to me, something about my nick name." she laughed. Elmer had the lions share of under 22 inch haddock with many over 20 inches. "That's how it runs." lamented Elmer. "All that catching but only a few keepers. We all must have caught 10-20 fish each. The arms will be sore tomorrow!"

The highlight of the trip came soon after we arrived. A giant Mola Mola came for a visit and we gave it a shower and it loved it. This odd looking fish frequents our waters and we see one or two every year. This one swam up to the boat for more hose spray.

See Mola Mola Video

Finally back at the dock, the rough ride in already fading from our memories, the crew stands by discussing the next plan to head out while Captain Billy expertly takes care of the filleting duties. Thanks Billy, once again your knowledge of your area fills the box!


Secret Spots For a Price! See Elmer.

 July 24, 2014

Elmer looking for BMBC photos!

Rumor has it Bite Me Bait Co members are locked up in Market Basket issues. "How can we go home without the fish we buy at "the Store." Our wives  won't ever believe us again." said G-No. "This is cutting into our credibility." said Rock Bottom. Elmer said, "My fishing budget has been slashed 50% by Mar-e!" "What do ytou mean your not catching them." says Mar-e. " I hope your not going to try the smelt thing again." Billy Bob out in Chicago says "East coast fish is plentiful and affordable here. I am here for another week. Fly out and we will do dinner!"

Remember Elmer!


July 12, 2014

DUO and Deer Hunter return to the Scene of last weeks killing!


New recruits get lessons on the water!

Like fathers, like sons!

Stetson Pond has plenty of fish to keep the newbies catching.

Dan Who and son got the fish of the day, a nice largemouth!

Trish had her share of nice sized  sunfish and bluegills.

Zach got his fish but is learning to enjoy the ride!


Once again the DUO hauls away!

Back in the secret spot it wasn't long before many fish came over the side.

Cindy shows her top catch of the day, a beautiful 7 pound fluke. "I knew I had a big one, when this one hit." said Cindy. "And black sea bass were a constant all day!"

Beautiful fish lots of fillets for the house! "I think the DUO is using me to fill the quota." laughed Deer Hunter. "I love these trips!"

This won't be the last trip either!


Black Sea Bass rule!

July 3, 2014

Close but no cigar! Powder Point Bridge holds some smaller Black Sea Bass.

Elmer took EJ, EJ2, and Dan Who to the Powder Point Bridge to try for a few winter flounder or stray striped bass. All we could come up with is a few black sea bass. One was just short of 14 inches and the others a foot or less. EJ2 got on the board and was happy he avoided the millions of crabs he caught, this time.

This young lady was overwhelmed with joy watching the fish being caught.

Have a safe and Happy 4th of July!


June 29,2014

 DUO Hits the Vineyard Waters

Throw in a couple of nice fluke and you have yourself a day.

Plenty of big sea bass for the grill! The DUO limits out in a couple of hours. "We were on them from the start, and they were still biting hard when we had to quit!" exclaimed Ken. "Yes and the girls and Deer Hunter enjoyed the day also." said Cindy. "We sure got a lot of nice fish. And we could see the smoke from thr fire in Tisbury on the Vineyard. Check it out over Ken's shoulder."

"Can't wait to get back!" cried the Hunter. "Don't leave, there are more down there." barked Lucy. Meanwhile Charlotte was singing "Safe in Mommy's arms."

Jimdogg and Rock Bottom get plenty of macks, but no bass on Saturday.

Meanwhile the Irish Ayes was spotted off Martha's Vineyard. No report yet.

Report in from Irish Ayes

Rock Bottom gets 5.5 lb fluke in first minute! Then other keeper fluke, black sea bass and scup. No photos!


June 22, 2014

Summer Solstice Weekend a beauty.

New Fishermen start career! Mom, Jill shows sons Elijah, and Noah the ropes.

Lesson: Sunfish 101


                          Elijah catches the fever!                         Noah shows no fear around water and gets his fish!


Cindy starts off the Black Sea Bass day right!


Cindy of the DUO shows a couple of nice big, black sea bass caught in Nantucket Sound. Use bait or jigs both work!

Meanwhile SP2 had a great day on his Dad's boat landing a nice 32 inch striped bass on live mackerel! "Nice one James!"

Most everyone enjoyed some fishing this weekend except,Wes E Gusset, who is still dockside with boat issues. "I think it may be ready Elmer. I hope to be out this week for sure. Still a great weekend for us!" Most everyone had some thing good to say about the fantastik boating!

It just wasn't so hot for these two! Thanks to my staff of photographers!


June 20, 2014

Yankee Fleet pans out!

Permit Smith says I'm back!

Cod and haddock are back on the menu!

"This is what I missed living in Florida for the last 14 years." sighed Permit. "Back in style too! We didn't get a lot of keepers and the dog fish were fierce at times and many a cod or haddock came up heads or parts only. At times they attacked right at the boat. I remember I still hate them!"

Elmer caught his fair share with a keeper cod and haddock also. "Cod were small for me, but there were some decent sized fish caught in the 5-8 pound range. Haddock was the most abundant fish today with just about everyone bringing home fillets.

Gloucester Harbor is one of the most scenic spots in Massachusetts. Light houses, mansions, old docks with history written all over them.....great take.

Such a beautiful spot!

Flat calm and 80 degrees going to be a good day fish or not!

It's been a few years scince Elmer and Permit fished with the Yankee Fleet and it used to be up beyond the bridge on the Anisquam in those days. The new location on East Main St is much better going in and out. The Captain was diligent about putting us on fish and he did it consistantly, so even with the dog fish invasion we all landed whole fish. The mates made short work of most tangles and did a good job all day.

Headed for Tillies Bank a two hours plus ride but worth it!


 Father's Day 2014

Elmer, Mar-e and sons, took a couple of the grand daughters fishing off the Powder Point Bridge. One keeper, (Trish) flounder, 3 black sea bass, 2 sand sharks and a sea robin.


June 14, 2014

Rockland Youth Fishing Derby a complete success!

Carrisa Lorensbury shows her 2.5 pound bass. Largest fish of the day!

The fog was thick on the pond when we arrived at 0700. Couldn't even see across the pond! But that soon changed and the kids started to appear. The weather was perfect with cloud cover and a warm front in the area.

This was early in the day. Soon it was standing room only.

Sara Gunville shows off the painted turtle she caught as she won 1st place in the 5th and 6th grade division.

K-2nd grade winner Zack Ryan says, "I didn't catch the biggest, but I caught the most! I woke up today wanting to do better than the 2nd place finish I ended up last year! It helps when your grandfather is Elmer Mudguaard. I have always been taught by the best!"

Some of the many newbies enjoying their first time catchin fish in a tournament!

K-grade 2 winners!

 1st Zach Ryan, 2nd Carrisa Lorenburg, 3rd Jack Blonde, 4th Victoria Flood, 5th Collin MeKenna

Grade 3&4 winners!

1st Julia Lynch, 2nd Jamie Evers, 3rd Ryder Nilson, 4th Connor Quackenbush, 5th Mark Dalton

Grade 5&6 Winners!

1st, Sara Gunville, 2nd, Alex Ocherbach, 3rd, Thomas Mc Sweeney, 4th Nick Blonde, 5th Zia Quackenbush

All in all a great time was had by all. The Kiwanis, lead by Rockland's Veterans Agent Tony Materna, supplied the food, Peter (Park) Ewell, had the place looking great! Karen Gurrette and the Youth Commision had all the flyers out and the Rockland Eagles Aerie 841 donated all the prizes once again.

15 rods with tackle! Thank You Eagles!!

Fifty five grade school children sighed up and over 100 fish caught!

Some of this years winners won last year too.

Rockland Top Cop,  Joe Zielinski sends Elmer on his way home after a great day! Thanks to the Rockland Police for keeping our children safe as they came and left the event.


June 9, 2014

Jimdogg joins the striper gang with a 30 inch fish aboard the Irish Ayes.

Spring Classic 2014 a Dud

No fish this year as a neap tide coupled with an on shore wind to keep us fishless. The evening was a memorable  one as Permit Smith returns to Massachusetts to live.

Meanwhile SP was on the road to P-Town and the "Race". Great choice!

Four nice fish over 30 inches. This one came home at 39 inches.

"Perfect day all around for me!" crowed SP. "There are some nice fish going by at this time. I may have to come back soon."

The DUO hits the "RACE" too and the Deer Hunter slays them!

The DUO knows where to go!


June 3, 2014 and the good fishing continues.

Cathy Ann Charter's

 Captain Dave Patry brings Bite Me Bait Co to bass Bonanza!

Captain Dave helps the "Angel" show off her two 37 inch striped bass she caught together on a niner rig. "Man o Man what a blast!" said the Angel with a giant smile. "I never saw so many good fish come over the side in my life."

"Now remember Angel, don't tell anyone where we were fishing." cautioned Billy Bob.

Billy Bob gets his secret spot fish!

Elmer managed to grab the first rod to go off and caught a beauty weighing near twenty pounds. "I know the River Captain had first fish." said Elmer. "But I tried to give it to Parcell Post but he defered." Ya!" laughed the River Captain,. "Try to pry a rod with a fish on from Elmer and see what happens!"

"Besides I got my fair share too!"


Dan Who has his personal best shattered with a 37 inch fish of his own. "At number 5, I didn't think I would get a chance to catch any fish. But we caught so many, I thank you Captain Dave. The gang told me you would put us on quality fish, and boy did you."

"Me too!" said Dan Who. "A couple of personal best for me."

Elmer takes care of business, and there was plenty of it.

"The best part about bringing out the Bite Me gang is, I know they can catch fish with the best of them." said the Captain. "Alright, nice job everyone. We are headed for the barn!"

Come visit Cathy Ann Charters while the Striper bite is hot!


 Memorial Day Weekend and the fishing is good!

Mackerel Massacre turns into a fishing fest with many fish beside  macs making it to the fish box.

Just a start to the fish fest.

Greg starts his year off with this nice striped bass.

Joe scores a nice one too.

Wes E Gussett lost a nice fish at the boat but the fish are here.

Plymouth Harbor is the spot!

Meanwhile SP hit the flounder during his trip.

 Continuing the species chase, even Billy Bob made an appearence getting a 21 inch cod. It was a hit at the post fishing party!

That dosen't end it!  Mike and the Marines keep it rolling.

Black Sea Bass made an appearence and will add to the fish fry.

A great day for the Bite Me Bait Co members!


May 20, 2014

Schoolies a plenty in the North River.

Elmer scores a 2 footer and so did most of the guys trolling. around us.

Beautiful spring day on the North River.

"Nice to be back on the River." said the Angel. "The fish will come. It's been a long winter!"


Feud building between the "Mikes" and the Mudguaards!

"Look at these nice trout I caught." said the junior Mike. "All I needed was a little help from the Marines and a good trout pond. I am on my way to the junior award. I know Rock Bottom has one somewhere."

Some Where Over The Rainbows!

"Hey EJ III and Dan 5th, Mike has lineage too!" he said proudly.

Nice Job guys, Keep up the good work!


May 10, 2014

Mackerel Massacre coming up next weekend for Bite Me Bait Co members. Rock Bottom garentees huge prizes for who catches the most fish. Billy Bob says "Don't leave me behind! I am great at catching them. Four at a time!"


Bite Me Bait Co Herring counting Team finally sees some fish.

"We saw them today!" exclaimed Mar-e. "At times we saw 50 fish in the short pool in front of the culvert that crosses  River Street at third Herring Brook." "Finally something to report. The fish seemed hesitent to enter the culvert. It may be bass or pickerel are hiding in the shadows waiting to pick one off." said Elmer. "There were some big swirls right at the edge of the shadow. Lighting is poor at this counting station so I do not have any good images of the fish."


On to a better story!

Elmer Junior II racks up his first largemouth!

"Grampy Mudguaard I got one!" shouted EJ the 2nd.  "Yes you did! and on the last piece of bait too!" shouted back Elmer. The look on the face says it all! Another man lost to the world of fishing! "What about me?" exclaimed Trish. "I caught my fair share of fish."

A fine day's fishing with many 6-10 inch white perch or bass as some call them. "I must have caught 30 or more." said Elmer. "It's nice to see the young ones learning the game."

We got a few of these babies too!


May 4, 2014

Elmer takes BMBC members on a wildlife tour of some top carp fishing grounds. Normally the Blackstone River produces mirror carp and lots of them. Today only one common and a little one at that. Wes and Greg, Mare, Billy Bob and Dan Who enjoyed a nice day while Elmer showed them how to make a long cast and keep the method ball intact.

Wes E Gussett doesn't have the method, Yet!

A Bald Eagle highlighted a great show. A kingfisher, beaver, hawks, ducks and song birds kept us busy looking around while the drags remained silent. "Elmer no fish picked another great spot." said Wes E Gussett. "I want to know how many trips do I have to go on before we see one of the top ten spots! Mar-e finaly revealed her favorite spot and we wet our lines for a couple of hours to no avail."


Dan 5th makes his debut with Bite Me Bait Co

"My dad showed me how and I reeled him in all by myself!" said Dan the Fifth.

"And I caught a white perch too!"

"Is there an age restriction on Fisherman of the Year? And who is this new guy Mike?"

Halifax basketball star Trisha, shows she is more than one dementional! "We got lots of white bass today and it was fun for Me, Zack and Dan." said Trish.


May 2, 2014

"I will Mr. Mudguard!" said newest BMBC member Mike. "I am getting the hang of this fishing business!" "It shouldn't be so hard to whip your butt."

"I even have my own natural Billy Bob's too!"


Who Will Answer!

Mudguaard throws down the gauntlet.

"Come and get it! I plan to legitimally hold on to the "Major Award" buy catching the biggest bass again."

June 7th will be the time to unseat Elmer from the "Major Award!"

"They may catch a bigger one, but I am the all time hand lining King!" crowed Elmer. "Parcel Post made me the best." This year's event may prove to be one of our biggest. Will Gerry "the Ferry" return for the ten year anniversary?

Some of the new BMBC members asked Elmer what to do to get ready for Striped Bass season. "Take to the rivers and catch big carp." said Elmer. "They hit like bass and are tough to land." So Wes E Gussett and crew will join Elmer, Mar-e and Dan Who in a swim yet to be named for a new experience.

Elmer said, "We will be testing swivel color on this trip. Black, gold, or silver? Which one will bring in the fish?", laughed Elmer.  "We are calling on the carp angel orchid to bless this first carp adventure for Wes, Greg, and friends. We need lots of bank space!"


April 26, 20014

Reelaplalooza 2014 a Great Start of the season.

All were discussing the crappy weather, getting the boats ready,the new federal ground fish regulations, and the start of the fluke season. Plenty of good food and libation made for happy crowd looking forward to hitting the seas.

Best prize in the Giant Reelapalooza haul a Hardly Able Crafters wine rack. Dr. Flanky was this years winner.

This Year's Grand Prize Winner Dr. Flank!

Everyone is waiting for the striped bass to reappear. Last year we did well as a group and we expect to repeat.

Ken and Rock Botton, while planning the Reelapalooza, put finishing touches on a new umbrella rig lead mold. All strategies will be implemented. Trolling rigs, or single lure, live mackerel, pogies and eels. Cut bait from boat or shore will will get our fish.

"Neighbor" shows his best of the 2013 season and looks forward to challenging Elmer for the Major Award. This year the Spring Classic will be held on June 7th. The mackerel massacre will be held on the weekend after Mother's day. Hopefully the fish will be there.


April 25, 2014

Wes E Gussett and crew, Nick and Greg, start open water bass fishing with a bang! Big fish continue to be caught on a regular basis. This spot is so secret even the driver is blindfolded.

Two bass and a pickerel over 5 pounds makes for a great day for Nick!

Watch those teeth Nick!


Fisherman of the Year is mine!

"You have a long way to go to beat me out, Nick. Just add this nice smallie to my 2014 resume!" said Fiusherman of the Year, Wes.


Herring Run 2014

Lower Nemasket at Mill Pond on Rte 44 in Middleboro.

Nemasket River Upper Run

Bite Me Bait Co herring counting team sees disparites in different river systems. Elmer, Mar-e and Dan Who are monitoring 3rd Herring Brook for returning alewives and herring. While runs in Middleboro, Weymouth, Pembroke, and the South River are doing well, 3rd Herring Brook is not. Herring counters have seen a limited amount of fish so far. Water temps have been cold for the most part. Temperatures under 50+ degrees seem to hold the fish off.

Here Mar-e is recording water and air temperatures, plus water depths and weather conditions.

Hopefully as the water warms this run will pick up.

Dan Who points to the large tree that fell across the brook.

Nemasket River 2014 is fantastic!

Bank to bank fish!

The Start of the fish Ladder!

Weymouth Run best Elmer has seen in years.

Thousands of fish crowd the Lakin Square fish ladder. And it has been strong for more than a week.

Both pools were full of fish! You can see them in the upper pool on the right.

 This is the easiest ladder in the way. Just upstream is the climb!

You make it this far and the end is near!

Then you still have to run the gaunlet!

Stop by and cheer on the future of our oceans!


Clams are king in Duxbury!

You want steamers, little necks, cherrystones, quahogs, sea clams, or razor clams, Duxbury is the place to go! Just about any where you go, you can fill a bucket in no time.

Quahogs can be found along the "streams" that run down to the bay on the mud flats. Steamers are best just below the 3 hour tide line. Razors are out on the flats too!  But if you are looking for "secret spots" then don't ignore the tough spots. "Elmer, Jimdogg and the DUO know that some of the best clamming is amongst the stones.

Looks like tough digging but the reward is there. Elmer took a dozen 2 inch little neck / cherrystone clams out of this one little spot. The Bite Me Bait Co mantra is "Keep an Eye on the Other Guy" and make sure you have tight fitting boots if your going into soft mud. You don't want them to be pulled off!  You risk all the other diggers dying from laughter, not to mention the damage to clothes and ego.  Go get them! Secret Spots can be bought for a nominal fee. See Elmer and bring cash! And there maybe an oyster season and WE know where to find them!

Kayakers on minus tides you can access bars and flats not reached by shore that hold many clams.  Elmer has asked the Harbor Masters Office about this practice and the say go for it. Just make sure you have your license. The DUO are this years leaders on the flats with Steamers, cherrystones and razor clams.

The team is right on track for another banner year on the flats.

You can take razors alone....

Or mix and match your 12 quarts of clams aweek!


April 14, 2014

Red Moon tonight means the site is back up and running! Billy Bob can hobble to his office and he got us going.

The DUO does the Phillippines!

I'm so pretty!

Great mattress!

"We had a small piece of paradise and we enjoyed it alot!"


 March 29, 2014

 We had a great last day ice fishing on Quabog Pond in Brookfield/North Brookfield area. Wes E Gussett lead team one on a road trip to show team one the ropes. Team 2 stomped team one 4-2 with everyone catching a bass but Elmer. Rock Bottom slated to attend had to bail at the last second do to back surgery. Whiner!

4 pounds, 13 ounces! The winner!

I may be # 2 in size but #1 in fish caught!

"Great fish to end the ice fishing year!" said Jimdogg. "What a great season for all of us!"

"Sorry dad, I mean Mudguaard. I got one too." said Dan Who. "Maybe next year?"


March 18, 2014

DUO member Ken demands one more day on the ice! Fresh from a diving gig in the Philipines, he delivers! Elmer takes the the goat and Dan Who dives for the rod and makes a save. It wasn't Elmer's day as misfortune at the hook seemed to follow him all day. Fish screaming out line then nothing, it stunk be him.

"I got a nice one." said Dan Who.

"I got two nice ones." said Jim Dog.

"Yeah and I could only manage four nice fish, Elmer." laughed Ken. " Some days you are the winner and some days your not."

Elmer pleaded his case! " If it wasn't for bad luck I would have no luck at all. I would get to the trap spinning like mad, grab the line then nothing! Damn! The worst one was the rod on the holder. I was running to the rod as it bent to the ice. When I got to within 10 feet the fish pulled so hard the whole stand and rod flew up into the air and the rod did a perfect ten diving into the hole. It never even touched the sides. Dan Who took immediate action and dove into the hole up to his shoulder and came up with the rod!" said Elmer. "So no fish for me! At least Who saved a bad fish day from being a bad gear day."

Ice thickness is down to 4 inches and the afternoon sun had the top half inch on the run. So this is it!! Maybe.


March 15, 2014

Come on down and help save river herring and alewives.




The End is here for the BMCO ice fishing team 1.

Today we ventured on to Jimdogg's pond in Pembroke. We were hoping this morning would bring the big bass of the year. It wasn't meant to be. Not a bad day but no big fish, unless you count the good sized yellow perch. The females are swollen with roe and awaiting ice out and warming water to start their spawning period.

We did manage to get a nice bass and a little white bass to join the yellow perch. But strong, warm winds and 60 degree temps made the 6 inch holes into 8 inch holes, so we packed it in.

Dan Who's caught his smallest bass of the season but a nice fish none the less. Elmer got the white bass. "They are such a pretty fish and very tasty. But this one needs a few more years before it will be big enough to harvest."

It's always a sad day when ice is out for the year. There is still plenty of ice north and west of here and the Wes E Gussett group, team 2, may yet venture there.

The traps appear to be floating away! "These babies saw a lot of service this year!" exclaimed Elmer. "Between Dan Who and me we hauled a lot of fish onto the ice." Like all good things an end comes, and for team one the end is here as we switch gears toward a return to salt water. "I am ready for kayak season." said Jimdogg. " When can we get winter flounder Elmer?"  "We need good weather and no wind this time of year and the water is cold. May 1st is my starting date for kayaking the sea." said Elmer. "The Reelapaluza is coming up soon and the striped bass hold overs are starting to find alewives and river herring returning to the south coast rivers.

Mute Swans Fly By

Pairs of swans were flying all around us, along with many great blue herons. A Bald Eagle and a couple of different hawks flew overhead and assorted ducks filled the sky all morning. All in all a good last day. Another reminder of the passing ice season was awaiting us at home.

Can the mackerel massacre be far away?

Bye Bye Ice fishing.


March 14, 2014

The Beat Goes On!

The ice is still nice on the ponds we fish. The rain storm washed away the layer of snow ice but we still have 6-7 inches of good ice to work with. Some of the access points are impassable but the major ones are still intact. The 7 degree temperature this morning will help to keep it that way throughout the weekend.

Dan Who was damn Who today catching the only big fish of the morning. Both fish weighed 3 pounds 10 ounces! Tomorrow will find us on Jimdogg's pond by 0700. All members are welcome to fish maybe one more day before the bright and warming sun makes access impossible. The nights are supposed to be in the twenties so maybe it isn't over yet! "We maybe walking the plank to fish next week." said Elmer. The DUO is returning from the Philipines and Ken says he will bring a 100 foot plank if needed, but he's going to ice fish one more time before the season is over."


Captain Ralph our people wave and You blow them off. You are famous and people want you to acknowlege them! It's part of being who you are!  (For a few bucks tossed my way I will give you the names and boat numbers of the offended. See Em Enterprises!)

Captain Ralph of "Wicked Tuna" fame thanks Elmer and the members of Bite Me Bait Co for our committment to the fishing community. "That Rock Bottom is one hell of a Grand Poobah!" laughed Capt. Ralph. "Best Wishes to you all!"


March 11, 2014

Sudden warm weather threatens to end ice fishing on the South Shore. Heavy rain is predicted and that just might do it. So we headed out today for one last shot at some crappie and we weren't disappointed.  We caught two and one nice bass but that was it. No yellow perch at all! Highly unusual. This has been one of our longest seasons but hardly the latest. We will see if the weather cools off enough after the upcoming storm to hit the ice once more. What was 8-10 inches when we arrived this AM, melted to 3-4 inches of slush on 6 inches by 200pm when we left.

Meanwhile Wes E. Gussett and team #2 had some nice fish of their own at one of the trout ponds. "We got some nice perch." said Wes. "and a nice little trout too!"


March 8, 2014

Another gorgeous day to be ice fishing. Dan Who did some up to date crappie research saying head to shallow water to find late season crappie, so we did. Wasn't spectacular but we did find some.

Elmer led the way with a nice one and Retired Guy pulled a good one in too.  New Member Mike enjoyed all the lessons we taught him this day. Mr Ed making his first appearence had to use his camp locator ap on his cell phone to find the boys in the distance.


 A slow day but we located the crappie and will be back to chase them again.

RG does a great job at the grill too!


March 7, 2014

March Madness continues but not on the basketball court. Ice fishing continues with noo end in sight. The Earle and Retired Guy showed up and made the day bringing brats and dogs for lunch. The weather was outstanding and the winds were light. Jimdogg started off the action with a nice 4 pound 14 ounce largemouth. "Nice to make the front page again!" said Jimdogg with a big smile. "I had a great day!"

Rock Bottom scored the best fish of the day with his second bass this season over 5 pounds at 5 pounds 7 ounces. "I am on a great streak this year but so is everyone else. How many fish over 4 pounds have we caught this year?"

Fishing site security is always a concern since the Frenchie DuBois incident.

And new members have to be aware of all situations, the Security Team goes over the FDI with Dan Who. "Always remember the BMBC mantra." said the Earle. "Keep an eye on the other guy!" "I almost had to take him down!" RG cried. "It was something we won't let happen again."

Dan Who got his first two white perch and one was over 1 pound.

Go  back and get your big brother. It worked!

Nice White Perch

 Elmer got his bass, a 3 pound 14 ounce beauty!

Rock got a big pickerel and we caught others along with some nice yellow perch. Jimdogg and Rock doubled up on the bass hauling two more to the ice.

Great day for all today.

The local pond clean up crew were upset with Rock Bottom for doing their job. "How am I going to feed my family if YOU take all the dead shiners home!"

This great day will be followed up tomorrow same time and place, to continue our search for the elusive crappie.

Clean as a whistle!


March 4, 2014

Mystical Being brings success to Bite Me Bait Co Trio!

Rock Bottom, Mudguaard and Dan Who stunned by mysterious apparition. "It appeared both dark yet bathed in a rainbow halo." said Rock Bottom. "I am not sure what it was." Dan Who and Elmer weren't sure who or what they saw but everyone caught fish shortly there after. "I saw the square ears and what looked liked a small creature lying on it's head." said Dan. Elmer was speechless except to say, "If the space ship comes down I'm getting on!"

 The day was spectacular! Sun and no wind out fought the 6 degree start to make the cold a mute issue.

Elmer  won todays poole with a 4 pound 14 ounce bucket mouth.


March 1, 2014

No end to ice fishing in sight!

Mudguaard, Jimdogg and Who have a fine morning on Jimdogg's pond.

Who came away with the best bass. Elmer caught a couple of 2-3 pound pickerel and everyone caught yellow perch.

Dan Who makes a nice catch!

 How long will ice season last here in SE Massachusetts. Snow and cold for the upcoming week. Halo around the sun warns of incoming inclement weather.


Feb. 25, 2014

Nice fish through the ice just keep on coming!

Greg gets another  4.5 pound bass and Big Bob gets a near 5 pound pickerel. The weather is cold and ice will last two more weeks minimum.


Feb. 19, 2014

Elmer picks the wrong spot!  Loses two turns to pick another! "I was blinded by the fog and bright sunshine. I only missed by 100 yards. (where the "other guys" caught so many they wanted to buy bait from us.) What can you do. I got some bad intel." explained Elmer.

We just missed the X! All in all it wasn't a bad day. Dan Who caught the days only largemouth weighing in at 2pounds 14 ounces.

Fog on the ice this time of year means ice out isn't too far away. It comes quickly in SE Massachusetts.

Sun screen begins to be a factor on sunny days on the ice.

Rock Bottom did catch a nice 4 pound pickerel but hopefully Friday will bring more flags and fish.

Todays celebrities fisherman was Richie Antonino, son of Richie Antonino, Captain of the Black Rose out of Green Harbor, Marshfield, Massachusetts.

Black Rose Fishing


Feb. 15, 2014

Bass fishing remains steady with a trio of nice bass caught in our favorite bass pond.

The DOU with their fine fish and the nice one that Elmer caught out of one of Ken's holes, when they went home early because of the impending snow storm.

Click on link to see video.

Hole thief Elmer Scores a nice one!

Fish Hound Lucy keeps an eye on the prize.

The usual yellow perch are a pain in the butt here because of their small size but there is always the hope that each flag will bring in the big one. The bitter cold to follow this snow storm will insure we will still have plenty of ice for next weekend when it will mean spring like conditions with temps in the 50's.



Valentine's Day

Rain storm yesterday made for some interesting ice. There was 8 inches or better but we stayed away from these monsters. Sort of looks like one of my brains neurons that were telling me to stay home. Dan Who and I, Mudguaard, braved gale force winds to catch a couple of nice bass. 4 pounds even for me and 3pounds 5ounces for Who.

Dan's fish had a cateract in one eye. It never saw the hook. Yellow perch and a couple of pickerel made up the rest of the day. On further review Elmer's fish maybe a recatch! The records will be searched.

Happy Valentine's Day to all the Bite Me Bait Co crew and my Mar-e who allows me to enjoy my fishing.


Feb. 11, 2014.

Who picked this spot!

Slow day no bass, couple of pickerel, a crappie, and some yellow perch. One weighed in at 1 lb. 4 oz.

Got him on a broken trap flag never went up!,


Feb. 9, 2014

Rock Bottom catches 5.5 pound largemouth at the pond today!

"Oh my rod!" Rock exclaimed! "It's been a few years since I caught a big one like this." The morning started like every morning here. Two quick pin fish crappie by Ken of the DUO started us off. Followed by some big pickerel, and always plenty of yellow perch.

Click on link to see video.

Crappie start to the day!

Not as good as Mine Honey

Click on link to see video.

Big Pickerel aplenty!

Lots of flags brought some nice fish.

Roger Aziz Jr. made a cameo with the team. It's good to see Roger again. He came down from Methuen to catch some of the big crappie we have here. He was still there when we left. Good to see you!!

Click on link to see video.

Fantasy fishing with Rock Bottom

Plenty of big bass caught this year. Two over 5 pounds, 4 over 4 pounds and plenty of

3 + pound fish. 8 inches of ice and cold expected through next week means more ice fishing than most years.

Click on link to see video.

Yellow Perch

Dan Who and the Grand Poobah re-enact the Bucket Ceremony making Dan Who a permanent member of the ice fishing team.

The Release

On a sad note Rock Bottom's brother Chris passed away today after a long battle with cancer. We attribute Rock's big fish to Chris's spirit there with us. Rest in Peace Chris!


New Bait and Fishing Gear Store on the right south bound just before junction of Rte. 53 & Rte 14.

Working on making it a success.  Check them out!


Feb. 7, 2014

No Crappie today at the favorite pond but we did get some nice fish. Wind was blowing and it was cold, but we have fished in worse conditions. The sun was bright and sunglasses were a big plus.

The bass weighed 3+ pounds and the pickerel was 4 pounds 6 ounces. The pickerel had some sort of parisites attached to it's gills and lots of them. We find them on the yellow perch too. Will be looking them up and reporting them to the State.


Feb. 4, 2014

Dan Who rides eagle luck catching best bass of the day in the final seconds.

"I caught a few perch all day while the big fish were caught all around me by the "Old Boy" Elmer. I couldn't go home to listen to that!" said Dan Who.  "I try to be nice to the rookies." laughed Elmer. "Dan Who is pretty much a lock on the ice team now. Rock Bottom made it official with a presentation of his own Bite Me Bait Co ice fishing bucket.  We hit the ice just before dawn after a great breakfast at Anita Maries. As we set up in one of the "spots" the sun rose and I got a nice pickerel. Nothing much after that dispite moving our traps into different locations. So we hauled all our gear and headed across to the best spot on the pond and once again it panned out. We caught bass of  3lbs 10oz, 3lbs 6oz, 3lbs 4oz and a little guy." medium heavy shiners was the bait of choice.


Fishing has been great almost everytime out this year at the favorite ponds we fish. The DUO was here over the weekend and had an AC spotting. He even got into the act!

 Our team always bring our best friends to fish with us.

Charlotte and Lucy are a DUO unto their own!

 Max loves being on the ice with the team. He is the first one to each flag."The damn Groundhog doesn't know what a shadow is. And I'm glad we have six more weeks of ice fishing!" barked Max.

Youngest member Lucian  is learning the ropes from his dad Dr. A


Feb. 2, 2014

Dan Who makes the Team

Dan Who has Bald Eagle follow him home from ice fishing. Sits outside window and chatted with Dan Who and Billy Bob about the hard winter. He said to thank the ice team for the shiners. Dan Who sees it as an omen!

Ground hog day and weekend great for Bite Me Bait Co's top bass fisherwomen!

Cindy of the DUO fame shows us how to catch some nice largemouths.

Cindy makes it look easy.

Elmer what about me with this beauty?

Yes and I have a 1.5 pound bullhead too!


January 31, 2014

January ends on a decent note at the crappie pond in many different areas. First was the sunrise. Red sky in morning sailors take warning! Thank God we were ice fishing.....

Next we checked the ice conditions for safety.....

Perfect! Now for the fish. Yellow perched ruled the day but before they did Ken managed a couple of nice crappie just under 2 pounds. Dan Who and Elmer had a perch only day.

Ken also got a nice white perch to round out the day.

Some of the best moments of the day come when the birds of prey come around. A Bald Eagle watched us as we set up in the predawn minutes and later a red tailed hawk came by to see if we were sharing fish.

Flags and hawks were flying!


January 27, 2014

 Wow was the pickerel bite turned on today! 25-30 came out of the holes along with some nice big crappie and yellow perch. Wasn't any bait left over today. Crappie here are 1-2 pounds, the pickerel were up to 3-4 lbs.

One of the best of the many toothed preditors caught!

Yes sir just what we were looking for so nice slabs!

 Another fine day at the pond!


Jan. 26, 2014

What a difference a day makes!

Artic cold and fierce winds weren't enough to turn us away. It was the lack of flags that made us head for the barn. Yesterdays flag fest turned off but we still caught a couple of nice fish. Ken hit a nice white perch and we thought it was a good start. Oh well!

We finally had a Billy Bob sighting checking the ice's integrity!Elmer chipped in with a decent pickerel and Dan Who got a little guy.The bitter winds were highlighted by a Bald Eagle fly by.  That made the day more than the fish.

New member Joe managed to land a nice 3.5 lb large mouth too!


Jan. 25, 2014

The return to Crappie Heaven. We finally got on our best crappie pond and Elmer found the hot spot.  We caught a dozen, with half of them over a pound and a half. Dan Who was the man today, scoring the last and the best as this one was over two pounds.

We fished 4 inches of black ice and it was fun to see the fish come to the hole! Dano & Jimdogg  had plenty of big pickerel,  Dano a two and a half pound bass along with the slab of the day.

 Plenty of smiles to go around today. Non stop flags!!!

Mar-e saved the day coming down with a bait run and Ken of the DUO made the coffee stop.

Rock Bottom loves the big slabs we catch here! Crappie tacos tomorrow!

A return to the promised land tomorrow with more participants is expected!


 Jan. 18-19, 2014

Wes brings the boys north! New Hampshire has plenty of ice.

Wes is on solid ground with his fishing skills.

Big Bob Holds a nice rainbow!

Nick Gets a couple of nice bronze backs!

Plenty of good fishing if you head north and west of Boston.

Jan. 10-11, 2014

Fickle winter has 3rd ice in and out! But not before The DUO's Ken hauls in another nice size bass!

5 pound 4 ounce Largemouth makes for another great day. Ice conditions were good, 5 + inches of ice and 35 degrees out. The next day we went back and found water 1/2 to one inch deep and just under 5 inches of ice. The wind was warm and blowing hard from the south.

"Jimdogg do you have an extra anchor with you?" asked Rock Bottom.

"Bring back yesterday, but yesterday's gone, and so is our ice!" lamented Elmer.

"We have yet to get on our best crappie pond." said Jimdogg. "My pond has nice ones but across the street holds the best ones!"

 Saturday brought slow fishing but fast melting. The holes started growing wider in the streams blowing across the ice surface. When ice thickness approached 4 inches it was time to go!

The stream pushed the traps against the "far shore!"

Rock Bottom was the last holdout saying he would wade his way out if he had to. "The waves aren't even over my boots yet!"

Will we get a fourth ice in?


2nd Ice in

 Jan. 5, 2014

Ice Fishing team hits Jimdogg's pond for a fine morning!

Elmer grabs top honors for the day with a 4lb 11oz lunker!

The ice thickness varied with the amount of snow cover. The deeper the snow the thinner the ice. Elmer found the 6-7 inch section and we set up shop. The weather was perfect! Wes and Greg were there and partly set up. It was only a few minutes, then flag! Greg hauls in a nice pickerel to start the day!

Rock Bottom came and soon joined Jimdogg and Elmer on the solid slab. The flags were soon flying and in between the perch drivebys were scored some good largemouth bass.

Jimdogg caught a couple of nice ones from his hot trap!

Rock Bottom holds his top catch of the day. After a plague of pesky yellow perch, the bass strikes!

"Cripe!" says Rock. "I fought off those perch all morning! Finally a good one!"

Greg shows how to increase the weight of a good fish! Just add snow.

Another nice Pickerel by Greg!

The DUO came to scout the action. Mar-e came down with Dano. The Dogs had a blast. The temps were rising rapidly as we left the ice to go watch the football games. Heavy rain then arctic cold will make the ice nice and thick from end to end.

Thanks for coming out to play! We will do it again some day!

Hold on guys!  Come on just 5 more minutes! I think it's a spinner!


January 1, 2014

Wes E. Gussett crowned King!

Shatta Proof now 1st Lady of Bite Me Bait Co.

The cold artic wind fortold the blizzard to come. Temps were in the teens and the wind was howling at times. The Snowy Owls were everywhere and the traffic looked liked Lion Country Safari!

The gang got a lot of great photos on the way to the coronation.

You can't get lost look for our kite!

We wish they would get lost! I told you I can't see them.

The River Captain, Parcell Post makes the long lonely walk!

The King is dead! Long Live the King!

The winners!!

If there is no record of me being there .....Was I!


Ice Fishing hits the South Shore

Dec. 20, 2013

First Ice in.

Dano takes a great first fish through the ice! 4.5 lb Large mouth bass starts the season off right.

First time in a few years that we got on the ice before Christmas!

"I was glad the old boy let me go first. It knocks him right out of contention for 2014!" laughed Dano. "I knew it was a good fish as soon as I hooked it. And it swam away with a splash as it went back down the hole"

Across the pond we heard a yell from the DUO as Cindy hooked herself a beauty to near 2.5 pounds.

Lucy said there was nothing to it.

The last sunrise of the fall shines weakly across the pond. Tomorrow the Winter Solstice ushers in Winter.

Jimdogg hooked a some nice white perch and we hauled in a few decent crappie and yellow perch too.

Rock Bottom had the hot crappie bite today. He sent this little guy back.

Elmer with one of the many yellow perch you catch at this pond.

Ken holds another nice white perch to go along with some nice yellow perch.

Warming winds from the south were turning our ice to slush as we left the in early afternoon. A few warm days and rain ahead has put off any thoughts of fishing again till after Christmas.

Elmer got a couple of crappie too.

A great first day!

"Just like I taught you! Hook em Dano!" laughed Elmer.

Just what the doctor ordered. Early ice, a beautiful day, and some nice fish!

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas. Just like the one's we used to know.......

Merry Christmas Everyone!


First Ice!

4.5 inches reported by Elmer at Bass Pond #1

Dano cuts the official hole to be measured. While Max keeps an I out for truck thieves.

The red line is the average thickness. But Temps in the teens and 20s should make it even thicker.

Grab yourself an official Billy Bob ice integrety monitoring stick and get out there.



It's Wes E. Gussett in a landsalide!

Absentee ballots only add to the route!

Wes rebounds from back surgery to catch some nice fish at the end of this year's boating season. "Couldn,t happen to a nicer person." was a sentence that crossed more than one pair of lips. " I am proud to be a Bite Me Bait Co member. A great bunch of friends and fishermen. The only happier day I have had is the day I got married!" exclaimed Wes.The crowd was festive and happy to be out. Snow was flying outside, but inside it was all warmth and cheer.

Ron the Eye and Tip man of the Bite Me Bait Co secured this year's best present!

On a side note. Rock Bottom hunted down the "Major Award" from Gerry and presented it to Elmer Mudguaard. The spring classic is only six months from today!

Onward and upward! Can't wait till ice is in and we go for 2014 FOTY!


The Day is here, all the players in place. Let's vote!

Ice fishing could be close! Our Ice Integrady Expert is out of town so we need the backup plan put into place. All stations report ice conditions as of noon tomorrow. Dec. 15, 2013!!!

See you on the ice!


Coming Dec. 14, 2013

Investigation of this year's vote seems likely as Grand Boobah finds an apparent attempt to circumvent the "SYSTEM" Ballet box reveals an envelope full of absentee ballots. "Ho Ho Ho my Rod" said Rock. "Let's see who isn't coming this year?"

"Nice try Billy Bob! Good thing I looked in the ballot box!" sighed Rock Bottom. Billy Bob could not be reached for comment as he hustled off to Chicago to escape the limelight. Executive Board members will discuss possible sanctions against all members involved. Talk of Wes E. Gussett stuffing the "box" may be a smoke screen to throw doubt on who the guilty are. The River Captain, Parcell Post and the Angel have been seen huddling with Cathy Ann Captain Dave Patry a known Billy Bob supporter. "We were just talking fishing not Fisherman of the Year! lamented the Captain. And I was just showing him my free breakfast for a year at Anita Marie's card I found on my doorstop."

"I have all the renagade ballots and they will not be used!" shouted the Poobah. "Unless of course we have a tie and it involves me!"


Who will be this years Winner!

Get there and be counted!!


December 7, 2013

Clam Team assembles at Howland's Landing to remember! Not just the attack on Pearl Harbor, but how to fill the buckets with sweet, soft shell clams.

Charlotte stands guard over the clams while Lucy guards the rear.

A fine time was had by all!!

"Steamers for supper, Stuffed Clams for the Patriot's Game, tomorrow." Jimdogg exclaimed. "A good workout and a reward to boot."


November 14, 2013


Fisherman of the Year vote may be decided by the none participants. Rumor has it many members are to be away this Dec. 14th. Out of state travelers increase Elmer's chance to be the first to hold the trophy twice! Heavy lobbying by Captain Dave Patry on Elmer's behalf may make the difference! " I am trying to get Twig to join me!" says the Captain. "If I do Elmer is a shoein." " I am just a lowly fisherman trying to survive in a hard and cruel website!" laughed Elmer. "Come on down to the Barn at Rock Bottom's on Dec. 14, 2013."

Elmer renames Whitley! Bite Me Bait Co name! He will be forever be known as Wes E. Gussett. Wife, Shatta Proof, just loves it!

Rock Bottom says absentee ballots will be distributed! "Billy Bob will be in Chicago, The River Captain and Angel will be out of town too!" "That's the way it goes." said Jimdogg. "You gotta be there or send a case of beer. Otherwise no vote!"


Oct. 22, 2013

New Bite Me Bait Co Member!

Tell John you are a member of the Bite Me Bait Co and get the "Special Deal!"


Billy Bob travels south to Ft. Lauderdale to fish with Brother in Law, Dave.

Guess who won this battle!

What do I have to do??

"I caught a nice one Mr. Billy Bob."

"We had a near waterspout. But it just added to the experience." added Billy Bob.

"We were well protected from pirates trying to steal our fish."

Billy Bob slept well this night dreaming of the day he gets the big one!



Oct. 13, 2014

In shore cod remain allusive but winter flounder can be found in 40-60 ft of water.

Capt. Gene Kelly of the Irish Ayes holds a nice "deep water" winter flounder. "We pick up flounder on most trips looking for "in-shore" cod." said G-No. "Them and big sea perch make for some good eating too."


Oct. 12, 2013

Greg catches two nice stripers aboard the "Rum Runner" near Peddock's Island.

The fish were feeding tonight!

Yes Sir!

Chris displays his multi waters fishing prowess with another nice largemouth!


Oct. 6, 2013

DUO hits the Texas Coast! Ken catches some nice Amberjacks!

"Rock Bottom and all the BMBC members, I had a blast! How's this for a days fishing." a happy Ken said.


Oct. 5, 2013

Jimdogg gets a nice inshore cod and sea perch. "Ya, me and Rock Bottom got a couple cod and a big perch. nice day!"

Food on the table.

A pair that will bring a full house at dinner tonight!

A report from Captain Patry of the Cathy Ann says the charter boys are bringing in some nice codfish of late.


September 28, 2013

On the Water magazine's Striper Fest, Falmouth, Massachusetts.

Elmer comes in second for the boat once again. "Being #2 stinks!" laughed Elmer.

Greg Myerson once again claims Striper Crown!

Greg is always in contention! Current world record holder too!

The team was meet in Falmouth and Elmer was set for the big score!

A good showing of Bite Me Bait Co people were there. Rock Bottom, Jimdogg, G-No, The River Captain and the Angel, CT, Ron the tipper and bride, Mr. Ed, plus Bill and his secretary.

"This baby's mine next year." says Jimdogg as he quaffs a gulp from the "CUP"


Whitley making run on Fisherman of the Year!

Hauling bass after big bass!"I have been doing very well here in my corner of the world!" said Chris with a smile, while holding another nice striped bass."Don't be giving up my spot Elmer!"

Rumors are spreading that he is trying to hire Paul "Twig" Cronin to be his inside man on Voting night.

Twig refuses to answer any questions until the fishing season is over. " I like to see the competition between the Boys and Girls during the season." says Twig. "If there is no clear cut choice...then maybe I may be available to lobby!"

I can't say where is sweet spot is but there are two of Elmer's secret spots in this picture.

OH by the way we hit the fresh water too!

Another nice night!

My fish is better than Chris's


September 22, 2013

New England Yankee Challange Carp Tournament

Fish refuse to cooperate as Conneticut hangs on to trophy with a one point fish.

It was Connecticut VS Massachusetts in a carp "Fishin"

"The weather was great and it was good to touch bases with the carp people." said Elmer. "Some good people there! This event takes place every year, switching home swims every other year. Usually we put 10 - 20 fish on the scale at an event here. Today we had near "Nil" as our Brit buddies say.

Erwin won single handedly!



September 21, 2013

Magin hits the cod and haddock!

"We found them today!" crowed Ken. "Plenty of cod and haddock for the freezer!"

Captain Ken with a typical cod for the day. And plenty of haddock too.

Another great day!


September 16, 2013

The Beat Goes On!

The Bass are showing more and more often from Boston Harbor south into Plymouth Bay.

Ken Magin Landscapers and his crew score a few of their own!

An award winning smile on Renate's face is more than enough reward for Ken of the DUO.

Renate holds one tasty Bluefish.

And a beauty of a striped bass.

Trolling the far outer harbor with umbrella rigs. Marletta gets her fish too.


Whitley Crew cashes in a day late, but not a fish short!

Wessagussett Yacht Club

How do you like this one Elmer?

Chris and Crystal teamed up to take this nice striped bass from near Hull Gut. Greg and Brian did their share to fill the fish box too. "We had a great day!" said Chris with that big grin across his face.

Crystal has the big fish touch!

This isa little better than the one I caught last night.

They look good on the wall!

Cut bait on the bottom.


September 14, 2013

Fall Classic Invitational Striped Bass Tournament

Mudguaard takes the Major Award.

New Up to Date Trophy belongs to Elmer until someone takes it away!

River Captain tries to tangle his line, But Elmer prevails. We always have some good stories come out of the "Classics" and this year was no exception. The bite was on and hook ups were coming steadily. Parcell Post brought in a big schoolie and he had Elmers line too. As we stood there with Elmer holding his line in his hand, it takes off. "Hey I have a fish on!" said Elmer. "Well pull it in then." answered the River Captain as he was trying to untangle the lines. "I knew it was a good fish." said Elmer. "I was a little worried about being cut with the line, but I just kept pulling it in hand over hand and the rest is history. When it first broke water as it came to the net.I knew I had a contenter. My first "Major Award" no more 2nd place for me!"

Elmer and the Winner 36 inches.

The action all came in a flurry just after high tide. In that 30 minute span all the fish were caught.

Chris is all smiles.

All the "First Timers" caught fish making it a sure bet that they will return next June when the "Spirng Classic" comes around in 2014.

Get the tape! Greg is loving this!

How big?

Keep them coming! Just a little bigger please!

The River Captain hooked and landed two fish. Almost everyone caught a fish tonight. Conditions were the best we have had in the last few years making this night one to remember. A large piece of mackerel did the trick for Elmer..


Who will take the coveted "Major Award"

Rock Bottom leads off the 2013 Fall Classic

Rock Bottom voted "Present" for Billy Bob as he had to be in Chicago working.

Grand Poobah Rock Bottom has verified that all bass caught in the last week were indeed filleted and not stored whole. Elmer and Billy Bob muttered something about some Short Of Breath people not trusting us, but no one appeared to be listening.


Sept. 10, 2013

Red Sky in Morning Sailors take Warning!

Thank the Lord I'm a fisherman not a sailor.

The day promised to be a little snotty on the water with rain coming at sometime during the day. The wind was already blowing 10 mph steady as Ken Magin and Elmer launched in Green Harbor. We immediatly steered for Plymouth Bay, but as we neared the High Pines, we noticed the birds working and set out a 9er rig to see what was making the bait raise. Didn't take long and we had our first bluefish of the day. After 4 nice ones, we lost that school and we headed for the south side of the bay to get out of the wind. We hadn't trolled 300 yards when off went the drag and Elmer pulled a 3 foot striped bass along side and Ken quickly got it into the boat. "That's what we are looking for Elmer!" shouted Ken, to be heard over the wind.We hooked up one more line sider and another bluefish before the impending weather came. We headed toward the harbor but had to put a rig down as we neared the High Pines area and damn if we don't pick up one more good sized bluefish. The waters are filled with bait fish from top to bottom, but our rigs seemed to attract the fish. Yellow and blue plastic swimmers seemed to catch most of the fish.

You have to get lucky some of the time Elmer!

"Nice day huh Elmer" Ken shows off a couple of nice fish!

The bass are back and feeding! This bodes well for the Fall Classic Striped Bass Fishing Tournement for Bite Me Bait Co members and there friends. The Classic to be held Sat. Sept. 14, 2013. The headquarters will be open around 3pm.

Current "Major Award holder Gerry Bennett


Hull Bait and Tackle Open Shop in Abington

Owner Laurel of Hull Bait and Tackle looks forward to becoming a permanant part of landscape in Abington."I am happy to say things are starting to move forward as more and more fishermen discover we are here. Pam is the one to talk to in Abington while I hold down the place in Hull. Both places carry everything the fisherman or woman needs to get the job done."

Stop in and see us in Hull at the south end of Nantasket Beach!

Don't forget to tell them Elmer sent me!

Jimdogg and Elmer always stop here for gear and bait as we head out kayaking along the shores of Hull. Striped Bass, Bluefish, Mackerel, Flounder, Cod and Black Fish can all be found in the waters surrounding Hull.


Sept. 7, 2013

Aboard the Cathy Ann with Billy Bob and Elmer.

Captain Patry sits in his "Office"

This day started at 0430 as Elmer paced the end of the driveway waiting for Billy Bob to show up. It wasn't long before he showed up and off we set. First Stop as always is Anita Marie's in Rockland center for a solid breakfast. The Angel even packed a few muffins for Captain Patry and 1st Mate Twig. It wasn't long before we showed up at Green Harbor Marina where the Cathy Ann is docked. Carl and his son Nick showed up and we were off.

We passed Elmer's 2012 headquarters and headed straight out of the river. The niner rigs were set out and it wasn't long before Elmer had a nice bluefish in the boat. Captain Patry skillfully dodged the lobster pots and it wasn't long before we had another hook up.

Carl soon followed with a nice fish of his own.

We caught a few more then decided to chase some bass alo. We connected with 5 fish with only two being keepers. Billy Bob hooked onto a nice bass and Nick,s line went taught and we had a double header. Elmer caught a few bass but they didn't make the line.

Nice one Billy Bob!

"My best fish!"exclaimed Nicky. I won't have much time to fish for a while as I am at the Mass Maritime Academy learning to live a life with the sea.

A quick troll or two near High Pines off Duxbury Beach yielded the biggest bluefish to Elmer, well over 10 pounds.


Back on the dock the Captain consoled Billy Bob, "I know your a tuna Ho, but the fish are just not here this year. You did catch a nice bass though!"

Everyone laughed and off we went back into the real world. Thanks Captain Dave, and thank you Twig for a great time.

"Hey Bob could you stop by and fix my computer?


Sept. 5, 2013

South River Mike cashes in on Bluefish Bonanza.

" I was surprised to see three at a time!" exclaimed Mike. "I was hauling! Glad to be back catching fish."

Much fishing is planned for the upcoming weekend!

Dawn breaks on Massachusetts Bay!


Sept. 3, 2013

Magin landscapers have a ball catching Bluefish!

The smile says it all! Renate proudly holds his bluefish! "Thank You Ken for taking us on such a wonderful time."

Jose strikes it right. Fresh fish on the barbie tonight!



Sept. 2, 2013

Boston Harbor trip yields bait only! Mackerel Mary saved the day by catching some live mackerel. Still didn't bring us the big one!

The weather was iffy before we went and was less than iffy when we came in. Chris did a great job at the helm and we did catch some harbor pollack and the macs.

Up close and personal with Shag Rocks.


Sept. 1, 2013

Rock Bottom lead the charge today and we came up with some nice Bluefish.

We met the DUO in outer Plymouth Harbor and they shared their most recent Bluefish "hot spot" which we knew already. Everybody but Elmer got fish.

Follow us we will show the way!

Rock Bottom struck first blood landing a nice 8 pound fish.

Jimdogg's fish went airborne no less than 4 times as he brought it to the net. This one thought it was a tarpon! It rained most of the trip. But not enough to go home. Then the sun came out and dried us off nicely.

Cindy of the DUO, always a candidate for Fisherman of the Year


More Labor Day Weekend Blues by DUO!

Cindy and Ken hit the "Hot Spot" for blue fish. That's the only hint you get!

Ken shows another good fish. However they had an unfair advantage!

Lucy one of the best Fish Hounds can put you on fish no matter what the species!


Chris Whitley continues to pound the bass! Elmer demands to see how he is getting his fish! "No more fishing till I come on board Monday morning." said Elmer. "Rumor has you using a secret bait!"

Boston Harbor and Adjacent waters pan out for Chris!

August 30, 2013



Plenty of Squid still to be had in the Canal!

New member Chris is happy with a nice squid. Elmer found the touch and with Mar-e and Karen and Billy Bob we brought 14 home.

Mar-e is not intimidated!


August 27, 2013

Kayak team gets a blank unless you count the giant skulpin Jimdogg caught. Thick fog and flat seas made a quiet day.

Off shore at the "Bell Bouy" Scituate!

Worst fog was inside the harbor coming in.



August 25, 2013

The DUO takes Deerhunter hunting for Cod. The 3 made a long trek out east of Stellwagon and hit some good fish!

"What a perfect day!" exclaims Captain Ken. "It's always nice when everything comes together."


"I look forward to these trips. Then getting fish too!"

Codfish all around today!

Codfish is back on the menu.


Welome Back!

Last week of "summer" makes a good start for Whitleys! Chris and Crystal are back on the water aboard the "Rum Runner" and just in time. Bass fishing is beginning to pick back up and everyone is getting gear back in the water.

Crystal got the bait!

Chris gets a beautiful Striped Bass for their efforts.

Nice fish! Chris and a pal warmed up by working the freshwater.

Not bad Chris.

Another good bucket mouth!

Here is a pinfish!

I am making my run for Fisherman of the Year!!



August 23, 2013

Captain Patry shows Jimmy, of South Shore Flooring, Pembroke where the bass are. "The boys were all excited to catch fish and we managed to get some." said Capt Dave. "It's been slow and streaky, no "football" tuna anywhere. Bass are spotty but can be found. Bluefish are in and spread out around the bay."


Aug. 18, 2013

Billy Bob keeps it rolling with a nice 23 inch saber toothed flat fish caught in Plymouth Harbor. "It took awhile," said Billy Bob, "but the targeted speicies was caught!"

Fishing with Rock Bottom and Jimdogg aboard the "Bassomatic" the boys are still out on the water as this hits the internet.

Jimdogg holds a nice striper destined to be released.

OK Lines back in the water!



East End of Cape Cod Canal holding some nice Squid

G-No heard about the return of the squid so 4 of us took a trip down. And we were not disappointed. We camped on a pier on the south side and had our squid jigs over the side. It wasn't long before Rock Bottom and Billy Bob started hauling up squid on a regular basis. Elmer and G-No pitched in and we had a good night.

The squidd came in many shades, but all squirt black ink!

Whether you cook with them or use them for bait, get a lamp and a good spot on any public pier at the East end of the canal. You want the few hours when the water is running east to west and that slack tide. Seems to slow a bit when the water reverses.

Stuffed Calimari @ Flanns!


Aug. 15, 2013

The day started out clear with the first feel of autumn in the air. As usual we started the day at Anita Marie's in Rockland. After a great breakfast by Zipcode we were on our way to ROHT Marine LLC on Rte 3A at the North River, Marshfield. ROHT bought the former Mary's Boat Livery and has upgraded the place and it is looking good. To River Captain and the Angel this is home, as this is their mooring site.

The boat and moter worked to perfection against a strong out going tide that was enhanced by heavy rain in the last few weeks. We were chasing fluke this day but failed to hook any of the toothy flatfish. We each managed to catch a schoolie and if we counted them together we may have had a keeper.

We did manage to catch the River Captain and the Angel on a mid week sneak away to the "Spit".


Aug. 11, 2013

The Bluefish are moving in, can the schoolie tuna be far behind? Some big boys have been caught with a report of a 900 pound fish turning out to be true.

Tom Dolan and the men of Boston's Fire Department Ladder 17 cleaned up on the abundance of bluefish that have showed up recentley. Most fish are in the 5-10 pound range and very feisty!

Nice job Tom and Ladder 17 crew!

Bass fishing has been spotty across the Bay. Captain Patry of reports. "School tuna still have not appeared and the stripers are headed for deeper waters where they are off limits. I had a great day before they left with the grand children where everyone caught one." Smiled the Captain.

The Bluefish have moved in and are starting to show in numbers. Elmer reports vast schools of small baitfish are being chased by thousands of 4-8 inch snapper blues all along Plymouth Harbor shores. The bigger fish are off shore. Fluke fishing is picking up from The Sudbury River to the Cape Cod Canal. Elmer will hit the waters this week to test the truth.


Aug. 7, 2013

Billy Bob beams in on Chris Whitley. Billy Bob was hang gliding over Peddock's Island when he spotted Chris Whitley streaking toward the "Gut". Chris has been laid up with back issues and finally has the boat in the water. Tight Lines and plenty of pictures Chris! Glad to see you in Hull Gut and surrounding waters.


River Folk get one for Teddy!

River Captain Parcell Post and his bride the Angel celebrate the birth of Grandson Teddy!

This one's for you Teddy!


Vacaman SP landing some good Cape Cod Striped Bass.

On Vacation down in Truro SP doing OK!

"Plenty of good bass are making our vacation the best!" exclaimed Big Mike. "The weather has been good and we look forward to some good fishing ahead."



August 3, 2013

Fishing appears to be on the upswing as the bluefish have arrived across Massachusetts Bay and the tuna should be right behind. Bass fishing is still somewhat spotty, but most nights produce fish for the patient ones. I saw a nice fish taken off Salisbury Beach 6pm Wednesday by a group using cut mackerel. Fluke are being reported in the mouth of the North and South Rivers in Marshfield / Scituate.

Captain Patry of the Cathy Ann Charters has a great trip planned with our good friend Dan Lucas and sons. Plenty of good pictures coming.

The DUO just returned from the Vineyard and a full report will be forth coming.

Flann lands a beauty!

July 24, 2013

I had a great run and landed this nice striper!



What a Day! A perfect start for the 57th year. Though the Quincy Yacht Club is still closed due to a fire, The parking lot was well set up to accept the big crowd. Former Quincy City Councilor, Mike Cheney and Joy Brill of Harvey's Salt Water Club had everthing in place and running as smoothly as could be.

The volunteers were treated to coffee and donuts as Patti DeCosta gets her help organized. And ready we were.

Captain DJ Davis looks lonely but shortly...........

The buses started arriving and the help was waiting for them.

And come they did! Nearly 200 in all. They came from Brockton and Boston . Welcome to Quincy, Hough's Neck and Quincy Yacht Club

This year's "Special Veteran"

Thanks to this young man and all our VETS that made the ultimate sacrifice.

Back to the fishing. Remember DJ? Well he was alone no more.

Boats all decked out with crew and gear, Good to Go!

The State Police along with Quincy, Braintree, Hingham and Weymouth Police and Harbormasters assisted with security and safety. Thanks to all that were with them!

Then they were gone and the crew set the tent up for a baked chicken dinner as good as grandma made. Jos Fasci provided the music and we are ready again. Each DAV received a bag with a hat, shirt, pens and flasks compliments of many different companies and organizations. And Tina Lyons made sure the Vets all had them. Her husband Matt was doing more than his fair share too. There are too many to name all of us.

The hours flew by and soon the boats were back at the dock. Captain Dan Morrell, and crew expertly return their charges to the dock and dinner was served.

The number of fish caught was out weighed by the good time that was had by all.

Follow Sea Street heading east!

Many volunteers made sure to welcome each and every Vet!

Elmer with Ed Barrett, friends since 1955

Nice job Harvey's Salt Water Club

Year 57 was a great success for all. Mike, Joe, Patti and all the volunteers. THANK YOU!

And an even bigger THANKS for our DAV men and women!!

Elmer and Mar-e along with Sister Nancy and Dan Crowley were there to represent the Bite Me Bait Co.




July 14, 2013

Elmer makes annual trip with Captain Billy from Hough's Neck. Bad wind kept us close to shore this weekend, so the trip to Wildcat is postponed till next weekend. But we made the best of it. We headed out to the "B" bouy to see if we could scare up a few keeper cod. We did catch 1 keeper cod and a bunch of harbor pollock, and a nice winter flounder. Then we went chasing the flounder hanging around Long Island.

Brother James displays 2 of the many harbor pollock we caught.

Looking back to our port of origin. Houghs Neck, once the flounder capital of the east coast, has seen a increase in the numbers of fish being caught in recent years. Local fishermen and women look forward to late spring and early summer to fill the freezer with enough fillets to last well into the summer.

Captain Billy hides his identity as people try to follow him to all his special spots. He knows all the inshore cod ledges as well as the prime flounder flats.

Grave's Light shows us the way home!

Heading home Patty rests after holding up her end. Lots of the women living in the Neck can hold their own with a fishing rod in their hands.

George's Island surrounded by flounder flats is looking in great shape.

The Captain made short work of our catch. Filleted to perfection!!

Flounder season starts to slow when the waters heat up. But those in the know can still put fish in the box throughout the summer months. And we had plenty of fish to fillet for the fish fry!


Patriot Ledger Photog Catches Elmer at Hull Gut

They got his best side too!


July 9, 2013

Tuna Season on hold as fish fail to appear!

Reports from Boston to Chatham have nothing to report. The few fish caught aren't worth the effort!


Winter flounder make a nice meal at the dinner table.

Fog was heavy this morning as Elmer headed out to Hospital Shoal with SP. The launching at Wessagussett in Weymouth was flawless and we set out through the gloom to our destination. Since we forgot to wear our wiper blade glasses, the mist soon made for some slow going. We decided to start fishing when we reached Rainsford Island. We took a couple of nice fish and some little ones. A few black bass, a couple of skates and sea perch made up the rest of the catch. Fishing was somewhat slow but we caught fish on every drift. Sea worms were the choice bait.

We did manage to catch enough keepers to have a flounder feast.



June 25, 2013

Cathy Ann scores big at the Race!

Captain Dave Patry

"Everything was perfect this morning. The water, the weather and most of all the bass!" said Capt. Dave. "We were using plugs on the surface and taking alot of nice fish. Thankfully I had a bunch of good hookers on board. Carol, Brit and Hillary. They can hook them with the best." laughed the Captain. Tom Mcdonough the trip sponsor said, "Let's not get carried away here, I have good male hookers here too!"

Nice fish ladies!!

You too men!

Bass fishing is doing well all across Massachusetts Bay

Come and see us soon.


June 17, 2013

DUO gears up for Summer Season!

"It was a beautiful day!" said Ken. "I finally got a break from my landscaping to fish and we did well! Trolling squid bars did the trick."

June 11, 2013

Fresh off A 2nd place finish, EJ2 learns pan fishing from Elmer and EJ!

If you want the new guy to like what he is doing then go to Stetson Pond. EJ2 got his first kayak fishing trip in scoring one more fish than Elmer. This pond is loaded with bass, pickerel, calico bass, white perch, blue gills, pumpkin seeds...ect. "I want my fishing pole dad." Zach says! " And patience is what I am teaching you." laughed Matt.

An easy landing spot and ample parking make this a must for the young fishermen and women.


June 8, 2013

Rockland Fishing Derby for Grades k-6 a success despite a rainy start.

Heavy rains over night wiped out 100 yards of fishable shore at the pond today, so the 45 contestants and their families just moved closer together and it worked well. Rock Bottom lead a strong showing for the Bite Me Bait Co crew. Billy Bob and Karen, Elmer and Mar-e, Sister Nancy, and AC. The Rockland Kiwanis, lead by Rockland Veteran Agent, Tony Materna and Dr. John Rogers, Rockland Park Department led by Peter "Park" Ewell and Karen Gurette's Youth Commission are very instromental in making this a success. So many thanks to The Rockland Eagles for suppling the prizes. Charlie Lanzetta and the Rockland Golf Course provided the food and Magoo's Ice Cream gave all contestants a free cone card.

More Pictures to come.

Sara, Kyle and Meghan came in first!

David, Zach and Nick came in second!

Zach, , Jack and Tyler came in third!

4th place Jake and Emily!


Billy, Nevaeh, and Colin came in 5th


June 6, 2013

In shore cod still on the menu. South River Mike and his wife Claire pick up fish on every trip.

"Mike finds the big rocks and we drift fish over them and pick up some nice fish." said Claire.

"We had a big visitor while we were off Minot's Light." said Mike. "I may need a bigger boat!"

Basking Shark!


Striped Bass hit Massachusetts Bay in force.

Spring Classic to be held June 1, 2013

Come on down fishing starts at 430PM

South River Mike grabs a nice 31 inch fish off Scituate Harbor live lining mackerel.

The River Captain, Parcell Post, took a crew including Captain Dave Patry for Parcell's first voyage across the bay to the "Race". The gang easily caught a dozen or so keepers all in the 30-35 inch range. Said Captain Dave, "It's nice to be on the receiving end for a change. I was leary, but flat calm seas made for a 35 minute ride and we had a ball." "The Captain was a guest today and we showed him we have learned what he taught us." Parcell said.

Way to go Mike!

"Honey I am having a blast!" said the Angel. "I know my fish is bigger than yours, but you keep fishing and just maybe......"

Mike says, "I have a couple of cod to add to the table." "Then bring it over here and I cook it up! Filleted first of course."

Captain Kelly of the "Irish Ayes" had the weeks best fish at 35 pounds/ 42 inches.

More pictures to come!


Bite Me Bait Co and Rockland, Massachusetts Kawanis Club


The Rockland Children's Fishing Derby

Rain or Shine Saturday June 8, 2013

8am - 11am Registration and Fishing

11am - 1200 Prizes & Trophies Awarded

Reed's Pond on Market Street

Children in grades K-6 are invited.

All participants MUST be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Bring your own Rod and Bait

Co-Sponsored by the Rockland Fraternal Order of Eagles Airee 841

The Rockland Park Dept. and Rockland Youth Commission

Rockland Golf Course will be providing refreshments.

Any BMBC member who wishs to help out, See Billy Bob or Mar-e


May 19, 2013

Billy Bob joins the fun bagging some nice Black Sea Bass.

Summer time is fast approaching and black bass can make a good summer of fishing.

The southern boys have plenty of takers for the trip out to the bassing grounds.


What a difference a few days makes!

South River Mike and Elmer were mackerel slayers today.

"What a great day for mackerel fishing!" exclaimed Mike. "We caught well over 100 fish in an hour. It was 5 over the side every time we dropped a line. We wanted to catch some fluke today but we couldn't get them to bite even with the chubs Elmer netted the night before."

There were birds working at different times but we could not connect with any striped bass either.

Most of the macs were tinkers. Great size for fluke fishing and striped bass.

Plymouth Rock Dead Ahead!

Honey? Do you have any freezer space I could use for a few weeks?


May 12, 2013

Mackerel Massacre turns into a minor skirmish!

As we always do, we start our fishing adventures at Anita Marie's in Rockland Center. Well fed, we thumbed our noses at the rain and set off. The River Captain had a full crew with the Angel and Zipcode along with the Cellar Troll. Rock Bottom, G-No, Elmer, Jimdogg, and Neighbor, joined the fray and everyone caught some fish, but the big numbers were not there. No bass were caught live lining in the North River today, but South River Mike's (new) boat with Chris Whitley aboard, (two challangers for FOTY 2013) landed a couple of nice 30 inch cod which helped ease the pain. Water temp was a cold 49 degrees which may have lent to a slow day. G-No, Elmer and Neighbor went out to the wrecks around the old "H" Bouy and though we caught some cod and pollack all were throwbacks.

A wet and gray day didn't dampen the spirits.


Striped Bass 2013

The River Captain shows it's no fluke.

"Of course not, it's a striper!" cried the River Captain. Then laughed, "Oh I get it, It's not a fluke that I am the current Fisherman of the Year."

Parcell Post holds up the first keeper of the 2013 season! "The River is full of bait and we are cashing in."

Captain Dave Patry reports keeper bass are being caught under the schools of mackerel from Cohasset to the Cape Cod Canal. "Me and Twig are taking charters out on the Cathy Ann, ( for cod. And there is nice pollack to be found." say the Captain. More reports from the ground fishery to come.


Mother's Day can only mean "The Mackerel Massacre " is here!

Mackerel Mar-e will be leading the charge to fill the freezers with bait in 2013.

Jimdogg wants to know if he has help or is he fishing alone!

April 29, 2013

Herring start to fill Hingham Bay with some mackerel mixed in.

Jimdogg lands another herring on the Sabiki rig. Pemberton Pier, Hull. We were hoping for some winter flounder but they never appeared. Herring were constant on the rigs and the other guy fishing caught some macks.



April 28, 2013

Billy Bob leads trout team to Morton Park in Plymouth!

It was a beautiful morning to recover from the the Reela-Palooser and where better? At the trout pond. Unfortunately again AC showed us up! One hour in and he has his limit of the nice rainbow trout that are stocked here by the state.

Plenty of power bait to use but yellow was the winner and AC was hoarding it till he had his creel filled. "I don't understand it. Why can't you guys catch any." laughed AC. "Look here is another one!"

AC is our yearly trout king and rarely shut out. The water was crystal clear and the shore was lined with fishermen. Kayaks, small boats and tubes slid back and forth across the water taking a few nice fish here and there. Striped Bass and fluke will soon become the fish of choice and this was a great way to fill in the void.

Witha G and Jimdogg can't figure why the fish won't take their bait. While AC is just whistling Dixie.There are a lot of stocked ponds on the South Shore and it's time to get out and enjoy the spring trout fishing.


Good News is a 9 cod limit per person appears to be in place! That is good news to the charter fishermen! Anything less than this would have harmed the charter fishing industry. Commercial fishermen fear this means their end. Will the fish be there?


April 23, 2013

The cod fishing news is not good. Cod, if you can find any are too small to even stretch. Worse than that, you need to be out 30 miles or more. That's alot of fuel to burn to not catch your limit of fish.

"There are dark clouds on the horizon for the cod fishing industry." say Captain Dave Patry of the Cathy Ann. "I have too let my clients know that right now the fish are not there.! Hopefully the bass season will kick in and be as strong as last year."

Billy Bob is disappointed at the no cod fishing trips. "I hope the tuna come in so I can weasel a trip on the Cathy Ann"

G-No shows a nice one from last year hoping to duplicate in 2013. Elmer and Jimdogg were down the canal checking out the rumors of bass, but came up empty. Local fishermen report keepers on the east end and birds working the schools of herring and mackerel that are showing up.

Fluke 2013

Sharpen the hooks, make a few rigs and be ready. Our gang will be fishing the North River along with Big Mike and Parcell Post the River Captain. Last year Elmer caught some nice ones out of his kayak and a Mary's Boat rental. Plymouth and Duxbury Bays also hold some nice sized fish. Look for them from Brown's Bank in the outer harbor to the channels leading in and out off the bay.

This, and

This, equal


Winter flounder are showing up in all the usual spots from Boston Harbor to Plymouth Harbor.


March 24, 2013

Captain G-No stays in Rhode Island waters catching his fair share of cod.

This time he rode out on the "Island Current" out of Galilee and had a great day. The wind was blowing some but it didn't cool off the fishing. "I had to hire a couple of guys to haul the fish to my truck!" laughed G-No.

"This winter season has been productive for me. Being semi retired rules!"

Captain Patry, Captain of the Cathy Ann sitting in the St. Croix sun, says "Call me when the snow stops falling!!"


February 19, 2013

Back on the ice, Ken and Rock Bottom put the finishing touch on the fish menu.

"What a blast we had today Elmer! Sorry the rest of you had to work." sang Ken of the DUO. "Lots of flags all morning. We caught bass, perch and a crappie." chipped in the Grand Poobah, Rock Bottom.

Rock Bottom had some nice fish on a great day. The Fish Hound DUO took turns standing guard. 2 hours on, 2 hours off.

Lucy enjoyed the time off!

Medium shiners, circle hooks hung off the bottom which ranges from 5-11 feet.

Rock Bottom has had the hot hand lately!


February 15, 2013

Ice conditions very iffy in SE Massachusetts

Two layers of ice now grace most ponds making ice fishing doubtful for the up coming weekend. The spot where we fished last week now has 1-1.5 inches of ice on top of 2-3 inches of water then another layer of 3 inch ice. Don't take any chances. There is solid ice north and west of here.


Rock Bottom and Elmer hit the pre-Blizzard bite!

Rock Bottom had 3 bass to his credit before Elmer got a nice pickerel. Rock had six fish to his credit when Elmer got a nice bass of his own. Then about mid morning the yellow perch moved in. Good size yellow perch in prespawn mode started hitting at a steady clip. We caught more than a dozen around a pound. RG showed up with his black lab, Chief and went home with a nice bag of fish. The bait buckets were next to empty when we called it a day. New fishing buddy Paul couldn't resist coming to join us and had a lot of information about the pond. He targets big fish using big baits and got himself a nice bass too. Time to go home and get ready for a lot of snow. Perch fillets on the barbie.



Captain G-No cashes in on Rhode Island winter cod!

While cod regs north of the 42nd parellel limit you to two fish, in RI you can still catch 10 fish. Captain Kelly has been cleaning up aboard the Frances Fleet out of Galilee, Rhode Island. The Captain has won the "pool" two weeks in a row and fish are weighing in the mid twenties.

Here G-No holds up the winner.

You still want to fish cod? Then head south to Galilee, RI and the Frances Fleet. say Hello to Captain G-No.

Make sure to tell them we sent you!!



What's in store for 2013 and Beyond

New Cod regulations mean the end of fishing as we know it here in New England! A decrease of catch limits of 60 to 70% threaten to shut down the fishing industry. Captains like Dave Patry of the "Cathy Ann" out of Green Harbor Marina won't even book cod trips anymore. "I can't ask customers to pay to go out and get 2 fish. Many charter boats are hanging it up." Another Capt. Dave, of the "Relentless", is changing stratagies and going to in shore flounder, bass and blues, in Boston Harbor. "With gas prices and quotas, I can't afford to go out to the banks anymore." The tuna catch has been down for the last few years and the likelyhood toward better years in the future seem bleak.



January 31, 2013

2nd Ice out of the season leaves the team in Limbo. 60 degree temps, high winds and rain turn 6 inches of ice to water in 36 hours. Bizarre weather continues. We have one more chance for solid ice here on the South Shore of Massachusetts, or it's see you next year.

Captain G-No and Rock Bottom fished for cod on the Frances Fleet out of Galilee, Rhode Island and hit it hard. G-No had some nice fish in the 10 -25 pound range. Rock Bottom even got a few!!! The boat did very well with the regulars hauling in some nice hogs!


January 27, 2013

Cindy shows off again!

3.75 lb pikerel was highlight of the day. It was a great showing of the Bite Me Bait Co ice fishing team as most members were there. Led by Rock Bottom, the team members were, The Earle, RG, AC, Billy Bob, Elmer & Mar-e, Jimdogg, Mr. Ed, Rush Lowe and the DUO. The dogs were led by Max, Chief, Lucy and Charlotte by weight. Large mouth bass were non existant across the pond this day. No one caught one. Plenty of yellow perch bites but no big ones.

January 25, 2013

We venture out on the ice!

Elmer snags the day's big one.

There were omens in the sky and flags galore for Rock Bottom and Ken. The ice was 4inches thick and the pressure cracks radiated back and forth across the pond and right through our holes. It's a haunting and sometimes scary sound, but we knew we were ok.

Halo around the sun speaks of ice crystals at high levels. Often a precursor to snow or rain.


Nice pair you have there, Boys.

See you all on Sunday! Big ice fishing outting. Call someone in the know for directions!


January 22, 2013

Waiting for the ice to refreeze!

Cold temperatures bring hope to South Shore ice fishermen.

With daytime temps in the low 20s and night time temps near zero ice could be safe enough on some ponds by next weekend. High winds have kept some of the larger bodies of water free from ice so far but most are expected to freeze over this week. Shallow bog ponds and isolated coves have an ice cover and look to be your best bet by next weekend.

Remember Ice Safety first!

3 inches = one person

4 inches = 2-3 people

5 inches = small groups

January 8, 2013

Danno gets his bass!

Warm wind chases us off the ice at noon.

January 6, 2013

Ice fishing team meets at Jimdogg's pond to plan winter stratagy. Poobah goes hiking. (Really)

Elmer gets a "God Fish"

The ice was 4-5 inches thick and an inch of fresh snow made it a beautiful morning. The Duo, and Billy Bob, joined Jimdogg and Elmer on first ice. Though the fishing was somewhat slow, Elmer managed to land three different species. Perch, Bass and pickerel. The bass hit while he was pulling his traps heading home for the day. "I always remind God that there is still plenty of time to get me a hook up. Prayer answered! I by passed that trap because it kept going off all day. So I was leaving it to last.Then it went off with the fish of the day. Thank You Lord!" All were decent fish and hopefully a prelude to a fine winter fishing season. We had plenty of flags but most were perch swim bys.

Lucy and Charlotte, two famous fish dogs, prowled the hole set up looking for the the next flag.The DUO was surprised the ice was as thick as it was and will have their gear in the water, this week.

First fish was an average yellow perch.

When Billy Bob, our ice integrity expert showed up we knew the ice was safe. However, the song of the day was from "Police" Don't stand, Don't stand, Don't stand so close to me! but ice safety is tops with our team. The ice was solid 4-5 inches never giving us any worry.

Billy Bob got his perch on the ice.

Jimdogg was so happy things panned out that he took his lovely wife Kathy out to buy a home entertainment system.

Elmer shows a small pickerel that helped make the day!!



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