New England Cod Fishing Goes South!


New federal and state regulations in place!

New emergency restrictions for cod fishing have been instituted in the Gulf of Maine north of 42 degrees north latitude. All federal waters in this zone are closed to the recreational  and charter boat fisherman from November 1 thru March 31, 2007.  Possession of cod in this area will bring you a lot of trouble. However haddock, pollock, cusk, mackerel, whiting and many others are still available to fish. There has been much confusion over the new regs and here they are.

Federal Waters

1. No recreational or charter boat fishing for cod. Nov. 1 - March 31, 2007

2. No possession of cod north of the 42 north latitude line. Fish caught south of the line can be transported through the restricted area as long as:

A. all fish are gutted and stored.

B. all hooks are removed from all poles and all equipment stored.

3. cod caught in the zone during the open season shall be 24 inches. with a 10 fish limit.

4. cod caught below the line are legal at 22 inches.

Don't get caught short!

State Waters

North Zone

(shaded areas)

1.  Cod length 24 inches

2. April 1- October 31     10 fish per angler

3. November 1- March 31     2 fish per angler

up to 75 pound total weight per boat or from shore

fish may be gutted prior to weighing.

4. Designated Cod Conservation zone closed Dec. 1, 2006- Jan 16, 2007

To see zone click below.

Marine Division

South Zone

1. Cod length 22 inches

2. 10 fish limit

3. No Closed Season



There is still plenty of fishing to be had by all with the "other" fish still available. On this day, Nov. 5, 2006,  the "Bite Me Bait Co." aboard the "Irish Ayes"  caught cod off Marshfield. (2 keepers) We then went out east of Stellwagon Bank to catch some haddock. Dogfish kept most of the haddock away, but we did get a 15 pound pollock and a large cusk. Charter boats like the "Enoch" out of Green harbor travel quite a way east of Provincetown to escape the "dogs" and  do very well with haddock and cusk.

For other fish regulations

See Environmental Police on Home Page